Oh my goodness!  Where did February go??

Team Vietnam had a very exciting month!  We started our month off with a retreat at the Youthlinc office.  After getting advice from committee members of Britnie’s team last year and taking care of business, it was all fun and games.  We played lots of team building games, involving saltine crackers and gum, building a human pyramid with our eyes closed, and sleeping bag races.  We learned some very interesting things about our team members, including many of Britnie’s most embarrassing moments, credit to Justin.  We also played games like twister, curses (where we created an Irish-Vampire-Pirate and a bowing-falsetto-speaking-gorilla), and a team favorite, the skittles game.  Our team is awesome, and we all left with no doubt that we will have some crazy fun while travelling.


The morning of the retreat, we woke up and drove downtown to feed the homeless.  Personally, this was a very eye-opening, amazing experience.  Each person was so gracious and grateful for our help.  It was very humbling to give to others who literally have nothing, and our team worked extremely well together, dividing up the work and filling in the gaps. 

A few weeks later, we had the Vietnam Benefit dinner at Cafe Trang.  With an overflow crowd and amazing service, this night was a major success.  We had a great time selling soap, scarves, and souvenir items from Vietnam.  Another highlight was the awesome Dragon dancing, so great!  Cafe Trang was amazing at managing the crowd and serving fantastic food all night.  Many thanks to all team members who came and invited friends and family!

Our next meeting is in just a few days at the University of Utah.  Remember to be on time be prepared for all of your committee assignments.

Take-off is just 129 days away! 

Until next time,


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