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Team Peru: The First Blog



Walking up the 149 stairs from the Amazon river into the village of Santa Isabel was exhausting yet heartwarming. The kind smiles, happy waves and shouts of “Buenos dias!”, and jungle music made the climb easier and easier every day.

We all immensely enjoyed getting to know members of the community as each one worked along side of us as we completed our many projects.  We were also able to walk through the village and stop and visit people in their homes.

Our Alum Team Leader, Ryan, shared the following story, “A mother of eight, all born at home and on the stool she is sitting on in this picture. She would throw a rope around her ceiling and hold it while she gave birth. We had the privilege to be with some of her kids during their lessons and talk with her. We asked her when she was happiest during one visit and her response was that she is happiest when her kids are happy and together.”

Another woman, named Mary told us that, “You have all of the opportunities and ability to see every part of this world,  so I thank you for coming to see where I live,  coming to see my home. My home is your home.”




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