Real Life is an organization for teen refugees in Utah. Team Mexico has quite a few students involved in this program and we hear about how great it is all the time at our meetings. Those students involved with Real Life love that it’s something fun and safe for the other teens to look forward to in their week.
Alexia Sauer, one of our ‘Real Life’ers of Team Mexico, made a good friend at one of the activities.
Phillip, from Congo, dreams of becoming a doctor and loves hanging out with Alexia at the activities. One time, while he and Alexia were talking, he told her that he was a really big Eminem fan. So Alexia decided to make a CD full of Eminem songs and give it to Phillip, along with some of his favorite candy. Not only was this a sweet way to show Phillip that she cared, but it also worked as great bribery to have him keep coming to the activities!
Real Life seems to be very popular in Team Mexico and our team members that are serving with Real Life really look forward to being at the activities. When we listen to their stories at team meetings, we can all tell that they truly love the kids and cherish the time they spend with them.

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