Now that we have been placed on our committees, bonded, and learned a lot about the conditions of Chiapas, it’s time for Team Mexico to get focused on all that we will do in Mexico.
At our meeting this month, we heard from the medical committee and learned a lot about how to dress, what to bring, and what NOT to eat in Mexico. Seeing the medical committee being so on top of things was a big motivation for the rest of the committees, so I’m sure we will be hearing a lot from the rest of them real soon!
The more we meet together, the more excited we are to get to Chiapas! Everyone on the team can tell that this group is definitely a special one.
Although we got really tight at the team retreat in January, we are still loving to get to know our teammates still. A big thanks to our Minnesota team members for posting a video on facebook so that we can get to know them too! It was a fantastic video and it seems like Melissa and Montana (our teammates from Minnesota) will fit right in with the rest of us!
Team Mexico is getting up and running… hopefully running fast– there’s not much of us that can wait any longer until we can be in Mexico to be with the people of Chiapas!

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