Team Leader Scott Bawden gave a great travel log of our trip to Kenya and I just wanted to add on too it with some of the amazing highlights of our trip to Africa.  {Seeing we did have one of the most amazing experiences ever.}  So sit back and enjoy as I share with you some of the highlights of this life changing experience.

With each group {micro-enterprise, medical, construction, education, and cultural.}  We were able to all experience something amazing… CONSTRUCTION was able to finish a school room, allowing students to move from the building that had been condemned by the government.  MEDICAL had the opportunity to go to other villages and assist in the caring of others.  MICRO-ENTERPRISE handed out 20 loans to the women of the Kiamuri.  EDUCATION taught at everyone of the schools and taught the children about things they didn’t know about.  CULTURAL was able too paint two murals at two different school and host a really good closing ceremony party.  And the best part?  We as a group were able to switch and go into other groups, assisting with every group… and we loved the learning experience.

Dressing in our “Sunday Best” and going to different churches in the area.
 {We had the local women who were seamstresses make us dresses to wear too church.}
The Nuns
Baby Boy Bryson’s 18th Birthday… {he LOVED it}
We gave Bryson 18 kisses for turning 18… some got a bit more frisky then others… but Bryson loved it anyway.
Opening and Closing Ceremonies
The Soccer Game.
Kenya Girl vs. USA Girls 1-0
Kenya Boys vs. USA Boys 1-2
The Dance Parties.. that never stopped.
The Safari

Of course… the children.
And the friends that were made.

We loved this experience, we loved the memories that were made and the life long friendships that were made and even better then that, we have all become life long volunteers, wanting to reach out serve.
Thank you Youthlinc.

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