Team Guatemala is enthusiastically moving forward. Our fundraising efforts are off to a great start. Listed below are some highlights:

Michelle Moynihan and her mother Maria were able to collect over 90 hygiene kits and collected over $500.00 that will be used to purchase water filters. Other local donors have contributed an additional $600.00 to the water filter project.

Our education team has collected supplies for over 300 education kits. These kits will be provided to students at Ak’Tenamit which serves indigenous Guatemalans.

Columbia Elementary School, in Kaysville, is hosting a “Penny Wars” next week. They want to supply reading books and furnishings to the library that is being completed at Ak’Tenamit.

Kaysville Junior High School, under the direction of Kristy Hanni, will also host a “Penny Wars.” Money raised from this effort will help purchase additional water filters and other medical supplies.

Team Guatemala, under the direction of Greg Miller and Sandy Vasseleou, will assist Teams Thailand and Cambodia in a Derby Bout Fundraiser that will be held on April 28th. Watch for upcoming details.

Guatemala’s vocational team is hosting a Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. This hunt will be held at Barnes Park in Kaysville on March 30th at 8:00 p.m. Thanks mentors: Steve Hanni, Mark Erickson and Miriam Kramer.

Our team is also rocking on their service hours. We have highlighted a few of our students and the service they are rendering.

Alec Burbidge teaches disabled children how to ride horses. This teaches the children therapeutic techniques that help them learn to speak, talk, and show emotion. He says that it has been an amazing experience and it has blessed his life in many ways.

Jessica Beauchamp is volunteering at Copper Ridge Dental as an assistant. She states, “It has been a great learning experience, it has taught me many things and it will also help me with my future career. I have been able to help educate clients and spend time with them and staff to learn how a dental office operates. I have really enjoyed working here and hope to continue learning things everyday.”

Jadyn Carlsen volunteers at Big Brothers and Big Sisters. “After going to recess with my little sister, Sonya, we come in and do homework. If she doesn’t have any homework or we get finished early, we get to play games. Sometimes we don’t play with any of the and simply play some games alone. My little sister, Sonya, has a best friend that also has a big. Most of our time is spent with this other group. She is so energetic and happy that I can’t help but be excited to go and see her every week.”

Brooke Burningham and Ashley Hanni are tutoring students from North Davis Preparatory Academy. These students have learning/medical conditions that require extra help. On a weekly basis they tutor these students. One time Brooke and Ashley helped a student complete her Science Fair Project. The student wanted to determine which milk absorbed into Oreo cookies the fastest. They determined that whole milk does absorb more quickly into the cookie than the other milks.

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