How to create your Team Captain or Family Fundraising Page

  1. Click this link to get started!
  2. Click “Become a Fundraiser” in the upper right corner
  3. Click “Create New Account” with a personal email address, not a school email address or login if you already have an account
  4. Click login link and enter login name and password
  5. In the middle of the page, on the very left “Page Content” tab, create your own “Fundraising Page Title.” Be sure to include your first and last name so donors can find you! Suggestions:  2014 Guatemala Team – Let’s get a walkway paver! or Smith Family Holiday Giving Challenge
  6. Set your “Fundraising Goal” to your goal! Set something that is a realistic stretch for your team or family.
  7. Select a photo of your team or family and click “Upload”
  8. Under “My Page Content” share your team goal. Make it easy and click here to see a sample team fundraising page. Or click here to see a sample family fundraising page. Feel free to copy/paste and modify the text!
    • If you want to add a larger team photo, click the photo icon, go to the “Upload” tab,” hit “Choose File” to select the photo on your computer, and push the “Send it to the Server” button. Next, go to the “Image Info” tab and type in a number around 600 in the “Width” text box and then click the green “OK” button at the very bottom.
  9. Click the “Save” button at the very bottom.
  10. Click the “View My Fundraising Page” in the upper right corner to see your final team fundraising page
  11. You can share the URL on social media or in an email to start raising money