What a Surprise!

Today at the school, lunchtime was quite unusual for the Youthlinc team! Right as everyone was getting ready to eat, a big grey friend stumbled into the school yard right in front of us! 
“It was absolutely amazing that Ruth and Japan organized the elephant for us! It was so cool that it came to the school and it was great to see all of the kid’s faces light up. We all ran from our food straight to the elephant. Today was just a great day. I was able to learn a lot about everyone today through construction and it was neat to see everyone teach and how well the kids grasp each topic even though they don’t speak English. We also got to go to one of the student’s home, which was cool to see. Seeing their life at home really put into perspective on what they have to go through every night and it made me even more grateful for what I have. This whole experience has really made life real to me!” 
-Ali Gay. 
Everyone was very excited about the elephant encounter, including all of the kids, Youthlinc mentors and students! 
Thank you Ruth and Japan for such an exciting lunch surprise! 
The Chicken Coop is Ready for Chickens! 

Today everyone on the team was hard at work preparing the Chicken Coop for the much anticipated arrival of the chickens tomorrow. Wire cages, feed bowls, wood finishings and chain-link fences were all installed. Hopefully everything will run smoothly tomorrow! 
“Construction has been super fulfilling and everyday has been fun. We have accomplished so much so far!” -Alyssa Alley. 
Kids playing on the playground during lunch.

Tristen Johnson hard at work on the construction site. 
Education Committee Visits a Different School.

This morning, a few members of the Education Committee had the opportunity to visit and teach at a school that Youthlinc has helped out at in the past. English lessons were taught and a lot of time was spent talking and playing with the kids. The school was in good condition and had more modern technology than Bamthamthong-Long School. The day was very fulfilling and the team was happy that they were able to serve other Thai students in the local area. 
Medical Committee Stops by at the Local Hospital. 

The Medical Committee was given the opportunity to visit and check out the local hospital. The hospital had more modern features than expected, but still lacked in some areas. 
“Seeing the hospital was really eye-opening. It was neat to see both advanced medical equipment and 1960 medical era techniques. The staff and patients were very welcoming! Even the patients liked to talk and take pictures with us.” -Jessica Oglesby. 

In-Country Thailand Blogging by Jillian Queri and Jason Barth 🙂 

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