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Our last day in the village was a packed one. We began with our community carnival. We had face painting, nail painting, parachuting and games of all kinds. We then had our final soccer game.

We were able to attend a handicraft and soap fair put on by the village. Here we were able to purchase beautiful crafts created by our friends as well as soap that they had made during our time here. Closing ceremonies came too fast. Here we took turns with the villagers singing songs, sharing poems and even a few dances. A group of our students who had been carrying out a guitar project with teens from the village worked with those students to play and sing a song together. We had many beautiful talents shared. Different families from the village sang songs and shared different talents with us. Together our group performed the Waka Waka and sang a goodbye song.

After all of the songs had ended they asked us if they could each give us a hug. Our huge team lined up and villagers came through the line hugging us and thanking us one by one. Many of us stumbled through our Spanish to try to convey to them our gratitude for the time they spent with us. We then went outside together to chop down “The May Pole.” This is a big pole that has been decorated with handicrafts. Everyone dances around it as we pass a machete from person to person. Everyone gets to take two swings before they pass it. When the pole finally falls, you run to get out of the way. Then you get to go to the fallen pole for a gift. It was a great way to end the day.

The people of Yanamono II are amazed that a group of strangers would work so hard to come and work in their village. They will never know though all that we gained from being there and all that they truly gave to us during our time spent. We will never be able to repay them for all they gave to us. They will forever be in our hearts.

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