How to create your Social Fundraising Page

  1. Go to our Donate Page on website
  2. Click “Donate to a Participant”
  3. Click your teams green button
  4. Click “Become a Fundraiser” in the upper right corner
  5. Click “Create New Account” with a personal email address, not a school email address
  6. Click login link and enter login name and password
  7. In the upper right corner under “What would you like to do?” select “Update My Profile” and click “Go” to update information
  8. Now that your profile is updated, under “What would you like to do?” select “Peer to Peer Fundraising” and click “Go”
  9. Under “add a fundraising page for campaign” select your team and click “Create Page”
  10. Create your own “Fundraising Page Title.” Be sure to include your first and last name so donors can find you! Suggestions: Molly Morgan’s Cambodia Trip! or Nate Clegg’s Service Year Adventure! Be Creative!
  11. Set your “Fundraising Goal” to your trip cost! Click Here to view program costs.
  12. Select a photo of you and click “Upload”
  13. Under “My Page Content” tell your donors about your local service and international service projects!
  14. Click the “Save” button at the very bottom.
  15. Click the “View My Fundraising Page” in the upper right corner to see your final social fundraising page