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Making donations.

Youthlinc is a 501c3 non profit organization. All donations to Youthlinc are tax deductible. Each program has a trip cost that is dependent upon location. The cost is broken down into monthly increments and can be made by fundraising, donations by others, or donations to yourself. 





The $500 non refundable deposit secures yout spot. The first $500 that enters your Youthlinc account, is counted as your deposit.


Late fees are $25 per month that account is not current. It takes a lot of time to track down payments. Please pay on time.


Youthlinc is a 501c3, which makes all donations (in-kind or monetary) tax deductible. For more questions, contact

By December 1, a $500 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is due from each participant. This deposit holds your spot on that team. Participants who do not make this deposit will be dropped from the program. An applicant from the waiting list will be invited to participate on the team.

If a participant drops from the program after any deposits, payments, or non-renegotiable contracts are made to coordinators or agencies facilitating our international service experience, including airlines, those deposits or payments are also not refundable. If a participant drops from the program 45 days or less from departure, all payments are non-refundable.

Youthlinc reserves the right to cancel or postpone service trips, and change international service sites, at its sole discretion when it deems it necessary or advisable due to local conditions or world events. In the event of any such change, $500 deposits remain non-refundable. Youthlinc may also be required to forfeit nonrefundable payments for airfare and hotel deposits. Any such forfeiture will be charged against participant payments on an equitable basis, as determined by Youthlinc. In such cases, a participant who wishes to serve on an alternate or postponed service trip, or a service trip to an international service site that has been changed, would be required to make up the shortfall.

In addition, as described above, amounts transferred to subsequent service trips will be reduced by an allocable portion of any forfeiture of deposits or payments that result from participant or Youthlinc initiated cancellations, postponements, or changes in response to the world events or local conditions.

Personal donations made which are matched by corporate giving programs are not eligible for a refund up to the amount that was matched by the company. No unrestricted or general charitable donations are refundable under any circumstances.

Any allowable refund must be requested by participants by June 1. No refunds will be issued until two weeks before departure. Any donations toward a participant’s international experience received after these deadlines will not be refundable and will be allocated to project funds or sponsorships for the current or following Service Year program. Youthlinc makes every effort to contact participants about their refunds. Any allowable refund that is not collected by a participant after August 31 of any calendar year will be allocated to project funds or sponsorships. After August 31, our Year-End, a participant can no longer collect an unclaimed refund.


After the deposit is made in December, the remaining trip cost is broken up into monthly payments. a sample donation schedule is:​

Peru Trip Cost: $3800

My account needs to be current on the dates below:

December 1: $500
January 1: $1160
February 1: $1820
March 1: $2480
April 1: $3140
May 1: $3800

This Alternative Deferral Track is recommended for participants who would like to travel in 2022, but are unsure about or cannot travel on a postponed trip in fall 2022 or summer 2023, should that come to pass.

Aspects of Alternative Track:

1. The payment/donation schedule for those on Deferred Track will begin when the program does. Participants will make a $100 monthly donation towards their trip cost in order to keep their spot in the Service Year, attend meetings, and receive support on local service.

2. Participants will have a balloon payment to be current on March 1st.

3. All donations made into Youthlinc will go toward the $500 deposit, which will be non-refundable. That deposit will be transferrable to another year or person, however, if needs be.

4. All donations beyond the deposit will also carry over if trips are postponed again, but will also be subject to our regular refund policy according to IRS guidelines. See link.

5. All participants opting to choose the deferral track will forfeit their ability to receive financial aid.

6.Participants will receive a $50 late fee throughout the entire Service Year if a donation deadline is missed.

Things to be aware of on Alternative Track:

1. All money that Youthlinc receives in your name (including the $100 monthly donations to stay in the program), will go toward your deposit. Once $500 is received, the rest will go toward hard trip costs.

2. Donors to your trip, if you raise money prior to setting up an account with Youthlinc, are ineligible for tax deductions from Youthlinc if you are collecting that money rather than Youthlinc.

3. If your account is not current by the U of U health clinic, you are at risk of not being able to attend and will be responsible to organize immunizations for travel on your own if you do end up traveling with us.

4. If your account is not current when Youthlinc books flights, you will either become a “diverging” participant and be required to purchase your own flights OR you are at risk for the fare increasing and would need to pay the additional difference (if any) when your flight is booked.

5. All participants opting to choose the deferral track will forfeit their ability to receive financial aid.

Dec 1: $100

Jan 1: $100

Feb 1: $100

Mar 1: $2675

Apr 1: $725

Learn more and submit a deferral agreement here:

All donations and payments will be made through your Peer to Peer fundraising page. To set up your fundraising page click here:



Use our resources to help you fundraise for your trip.


We offer financial aid through a needs based application.

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