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Divergent Itinerary Information

We know that you will be visiting some really amazing places. Look into our Diverging Itineraries if you are interested in traveling before or after your Service Year trip.


Flight cost deducted

Your flight cost will be deducted from your trip cost upon approval of waiver. You will book and pay for you trip seperately from trip cost. You can not fundraise for your flight if diverging.

Youthinc is not responsible for any changes that are made

When a participant is flying on a divergent itinerary, Youthlinc is in no way responsible and should not be contacted for any issues, changes, or problems with those flights or travel arrangements – even if Youthlinc changes the service site within the country or to a different country based on extenuating circumstances that are of importance to our organization or our teams.

waivers are approved on a first-come first-serve basis

Divergent itineraries are limited, first-come, first-serve, so I may not be able to diverge even if this form is presented by or before January 15.

What if I want to travel with the team one way?

You still have the option to fly with the team on one leg of the trip. However, Youthlinc will not book this. You are still reponsible for booking this. We can get you in touch with our travel agent that will do their best to help you travel with the team. 

Still Have Questions?



Please read and complete the Intent to diverge waiver by January 15th.


You will hear from an International Service Director on your approval to diverge.


Once you are approved, you are responsible for booking your own flight. You will need to send us your flight itinerary by February 1st.


Under 18

Download, fill out, and upload this intent to diverge form by January 15.

Over 18

Download, fill out, and upload this intent to diverge form by January 15.

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