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Estimate Historical Cost: $3,700
Anticipated Dates:
Nepal June: June 5-19
Nepal July: June 26-July 10


The first Youthlinc trip to Nepal was in 2015 right after several rounds of earthquakes that devastated the entire country. Nepal is spread over an extremely mountainous region which makes it susceptible to high levels of earthquake activity and intense rainfall every year. These conditions continually wash out their roads and weakens the structural integrity of many buildings every year. These circumstances heavily damage infrastructure and leave buildings (schools, homes, etc.) in disrepair. This has especially detrimental effects on small more rural communities who are expected to fund rebuilds and structural repairs year after year after year.

Our in-country coordinator is Binod Rai (pictured below). Binod and his family run a trekking company in Nepal called Insight Himalaya. He has a mind for logistics, such great experience, and is ecstatic to be working with Youthlinc. We are lucky to have him!

Our 2020 teams will be working in two small villages outside an area called Godawari, just 45 minutes southeast of Kathmandu. The Nepal 1 team will be working in a village named Khanigaon and the Nepal 2 team will be working in a village named Lele. Both communities have tremendous need and are excited to welcome the Youthlinc teams with open arms!

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In-country Coordinator

Binod Rai

At the age of 18 he was the youngest Trek Leader in the Himalaya.  He left for the chance to leave home and study in Hawaii to help his dad start an adventure travel business.

In 2021 this family business, Insight Himalaya,  celebrates 31 years of pioneering new trails, pulling off once in a lifetime expeditions, setting new standards in bespoke Himalaya adventures and today collaborating with Waves For Water to enable people to go off on a holiday to countries like Mongolia and deliver water filters to nomadic families.

He is the South Asia Director for and has assisted in their work in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, China & Mongolia.

He founded Waves For Water India in 2015 which as of 2019 has provided more than 8000 water filter systems to those languishing in inhospitable conditions in the slums of Delhi and Gurgaon, North India.

Youthlinc connected with Binod in through a mutual friend in Utah. Binod has a passion for service through his family and his foundations. Youthlinc felt like a perfect partnership to bring into his local villages. He has helped us expand and reach more of rural Nepal. Binod is married to Rupa Rai, and together they have 2 children who also actively find ways to serve their communities.

We are so luck to have Binod as our In-Country Coordinator for Nepal.

Kevin Biddle

Nepal Team Leader

I am so thankful for the opportunities that Youthlinc has brought me over the past 4 years. I discovered Youthlinc when my daughter Emma said she wanted to go to Cambodia but only if I went as a mentor with her. The decision to go was one of the best choices in my life. After an eye opening and absolutely life changing trip to Cambodia I was hooked. The next year I was chosen to be a team leader for a trip to Nepal and the following year to Kenya. This year is Vietnam and I am excited to see our team come together and have the same life changing experiences that myself and my daughter have had. My favorite part about the entire year is the students. Seeing where they start at the beginning of the year and watching them grow and become close friends is always special. Seeing all of their hard work pay off with such an amazing trip to cap it off is something that none of them will soon forget. 

My name is Ben Butcher and I am an ATL for this upcoming Youthlinc year. I am so excited to be working with Youthlinc again. I have not been able to since 2017. Currently, I am a Junior at the University of Southern California majoring in Business Communications with a double minor in Business Finance and Cinematic Arts. In high school, I was involved with Youthlinc on multiple occasions. I volunteered locally with the real-life program, I was a Business Committee participant on a trip to Guatemala, and I was the Alum Leader of the Education Committee on a trip to Kenya. As an ATL, I am excited to work with students to bring good to both local and international communities. 

Ben Butcher

Nepal 2 ATL
Nepal 2
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