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Estimate Historical Cost: $3,800
Dates June 21-July 5


We are so excited to announce our newest site MONGOLIA! Details coming soon!

Mongolia is the world’s most sparsely populated country at about 3 million people; geographically it is the 18th largest.  It is known as the “land of the blue sky” since it has over 260 days per year of clear, blue skies.  Its capital, Ulaanbaatar, is the coldest capital city on planet earth and means “red hero.” 

Mongolia the country is sometimes referred to as “Outer Mongolia” and it is a self-governed, sovereign country.  Whereas “Inner Mongolia” is an autonomous region within China.  Up to 40% of Mongolia’s population is considered nomadic.  Horses outnumber people 13 times and sheep outnumber humans by 35 times!

35% of Mongolians do not have access to clean drinking water.  40% of the population do not have access to a sanitized system of handling human waste.  29% of Mongolians live under the poverty line.  Of 1,000 babies born in Mongolia, 16 die before their 5th birthday.  This rate is quadruple the rate of the United States.

A common “welcome drink” for guests is fermented horse milk and it considered disrespectful to refuse it. Some historians argue that the world’s first ice cream hailed from Mongolia.  There is a type of singing native to Mongolia where they sing through their nose and throat at the same time, producing two different sounds simultaneously.

Youthlinc will be working in the village of Nalaikh which is 22 miles southeast of Ulaanbataar.  In summer the temperature is between 73 and 79 degrees F.  There are a variety of schools in the area with a grand total of 6,000 K-12 students. 

Youthlinc projects will include cultural exchange, family visits, reciprocal vocational training, running a summer STEM camp, community health fairs overseen by a medical professional, business development support, and environmental programs.

This area has a number of historical and cultural sites, including Genghis Khan Statue, Khan Khentiast National Park, and Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.  There is a place called “Genghis Khuree” at the foot of the Genghis mountain between Khukh Termis and Tuul river. This “Genghis institute” was an academic discipline from which Chu and Dolgudai sages came, and is noted in the Secret History of the Mongols.

Youthlinc is partnering with Insight Himalaya and New Milestone to oversee these projects and team logistics.  We are grateful to our In-Country Partner from Nepal, Binod, for introducing us to his network and making this project a reality.  Binod has been working on this behind the scenes since 2019.  Our on-the-ground partner in Mongolia is Adiyabold Namkhai, the newest member of the Youthlinc family.

In-country Coordinator


Adiyabold Namkhai was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Although most of his life was spent in the capital city, Adiyabold spent his summers with his nomadic family members working and learning about their traditions, and culture. He has a unique perspective on the issues that are faced in the city and with the nomadic communities. He loves to work with the Boy Scouts of America and being outdoors. Eventually, these passions and his experience with his Nomadic family lead him to become the owner of a local tour company, New Milestone Tours. His goal is to introduce the beautiful Mongolian landscape and nomadic culture to visitors from around the world. 

New Milestone Tours- is a local team of passionate and professional people who love to share Mongolian history, tradition, and culture, while exploring the vast Mongolian landscape. This Company is skilled in arranging Private tours and expeditions in remote, and beautiful areas. The company aims to support sustainable tourism and projects. They have developed partnerships with local nomadic communities that are willing to share and participate in cultural exchange opportunities throughout their trips.

Stacy Nisogi Hansen

Mongolia Team Leader

Stacy’s involvement with Youthlinc began in 2013 in Guatemala where she was a mentor for the “Cool”tural Committee.  Her committee gave her the award for being a Laser Beaming Clown because she was always ready for fun, but also very focused on getting the work done.  In 2014-15, she was the Team Leader for Youthlinc’s Thailand June team.  In 2016-17 she had the magical experience of leading an amazing team to Kenya.  The team accomplished great things in the village of Kabururu, plus they got to see Rhinos!!!!  In 2018 she was the Youthlinc Team Leader for the GCL team that worked in Vietnam, what a wonderful place to learn and serve.  In 2018-2019 she had the privilege of leading a Mary Poppins team (practically perfect in every way) to Peru.  The amount of work and love shared by that team and the village was truly inspiring.  She is eager to work with a new group of humanitarians and can’t wait to see what new adventures await in Mongooooooooooooooolia!  

Stacy is a graduate from the University of Utah and obtained a B.S. in Business Management and a Master of Science in Public Health.  She is a Safety, Health & Environmental Specialist at a local manufacturing facility.  Her job is to help others perform their jobs well, but at the end of the day go home safely to their families.  She also has an adventurous side which compels her to jump off bridges, swim with sharks, and hunt zombies.  Stacy also loves to spend time with her wonderful husband and family, play volleyball, eat food, binge watch t.v., make others smile, and travel the world.  Let the adventure begin! 

Mimi Reeder was first involved with Youthlinc when she went to Kenya in 2019. She cherished her experience so much that her love of Youthlinc has grown every day since then, as she became the Intern for the Highland High Real Life site in 2019, and now the ATL for the Mongolia team! Mimi is a freshman at Western Washington University double majoring in Dance and Human Services. When Mimi isn’t obsessing over Youthlinc, she loves hiking, backpacking, camping, paddle boarding, skiing, and anything to do with the outdoors. Nothing excites her more than being the ATL for the opening of Mongolia and getting to connect with people who share the same love of service. She already knows this upcoming year will be unforgettable! 

Mimi Reeder

Mongolia ATL
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