Nepal 2020 tentative trip dates:

Nepal 1 : June 4th- June 18th, 2020
Nepal 2: June 25th–July 10th, 2020

estimate historical cost: $3,700

*dates and cost are subject to change depending on flights


The first Youthlinc trip to Nepal was in 2015 right after several rounds of earthquakes that devastated the entire country. Nepal is spread over an extremely mountainous region which makes it susceptible to high levels of earthquake activity and intense rainfall every year. These conditions continually wash out their roads and weakens the structural integrity of many buildings every year. These circumstances heavily damage infrastructure and leave buildings (schools, homes, etc.) in disrepair. This has especially detrimental effects on small more rural communities who are expected to fund rebuilds and structural repairs year after year after year.

Our in-country coordinator is Binod Rai (pictured below). Binod and his family run a trekking company in Nepal called Insight Himalaya. He has a mind for logistics, such great experience, and is ecstatic to be working with Youthlinc. We are lucky to have him!

Our 2020 teams will be working in two small villages outside an area called Godawari, just 45 minutes southeast of Kathmandu. The Nepal 1 team will be working in a village named Khanigaon and the Nepal 2 team will be working in a village named Lele. Both communities have tremendous need and are excited to welcome the Youthlinc teams with open arms!

Click here to read details on the 2019 Nepal team’s projects

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In-Country Coordinator

Binod Rai-

Youthlinc Coordinator since 2018

At the age of 18 he was the youngest Trek Leader in the Himalaya.  He left for the chance to leave home and study in Hawaii to help his dad start an adventure travel business.

In 2020 this family business, Insight Himalaya,  celebrates 30 years of pioneering new trails, pulling off once in a lifetime expeditions, setting new standards in bespoke Himalaya adventures and today collaborating with Waves For Water to enable people to go off on a holiday to countries like Mongolia and deliver water filters to nomadic families.

He is the South Asia Director for and has assisted in their work in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, China & Mongolia.

He founded Waves For Water India in 2015 which as of 2019 has provided more than 8000 water filter systems to those languishing in inhospitable conditions in the slums of Delhi and Gurgaon, North India.

Youthlinc connected with Binod in through a mutual friend in Utah. Binod has a passion for service through his family and his foundations. Youthlinc felt like a perfect partnership to bring into his local villages. He has helped us expand and reach more of rural Nepal. Binod is married to Rupa Rai, and together they have 2 children who also actively find ways to serve their communities.

We are so luck to have Binod as our In-Country Coordinator for Nepal.

Team Leadership

2020 Nepal 1 Team Leader: Matt Law

Matt’s introduction to Youthlinc came about when his wife, Sarah, joined the 2007 Kenya team. Matt stayed home from that trip to care for their two young children, but began volunteering his time and skills in marketing to Youthlinc. Matt helped with many things from 2008-2011, including the design and development of the website and the first online version of the Local Service Directory. Prior to that the Service Directory was printed on actual paper! Can you believe that kids? 

Sarah and Matt were able to lead a team to Thailand in 2010 and continued to volunteer in as many ways as possible with Youthlinc while raising their kids. Matt and his son, Toby, participated in the 2018 Service Year on the Fiji 1 team (the best 2018 Fiji team!). He plans to continue his family’s involvement with Youthlinc for many years to come! 

As a traveler, Rotarian, and seeker of humanitarian opportunities, Matt loves the immersive experience with other cultures and service opportunities that Youthlinc provides. He believes the local and international experienceYouthlinc provides are very unique in how they connect each individual to a collective vision of what service can be in a deeply personal way. 

Matt is an entrepreneur and runs his own business consulting on branding, marketing, digital strategyuser experience, and graphic design. He spends as much time as possible travelling and getting out into the mountains to ski, fly fish, mtn bike, climb, camp or hike with his family, preferably without any maps. 

2020 Nepal 1 Assistant Team Leader: MJ Nelson

My name is MJ Nelson and humanitarian work and selfless service are two things in life that truly matter to me, I treasure my Youthlinc experiences that have taught me that.

That being said I am now super thrilled to help serve as the ATL for the Youthlinc 2020 Nepal Team! My first Youthlinc adventure was to Vietnam as a high school student in 2013, I’ll never forget how beautiful it was. I went again as an alum the next year to Guatemala and just this past year to Thailand.  Each trip has been an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to meet everyone on the team and help create another fantastic Youthlinc team. A little about me, I’m a 23 year old entrepreneur and I solicit solar door-to-door for Vivint. I have about a year left remaining in a degree in Finance at the University of Utah, but I am currently spending my time working for Vivint and as an entrepreneur in the Bay Area/Southern California. I spend my free time playing guitar, piano, and going to the beach. I just started surfing.

2020 Nepal 2 Team Leader: Bobby Sheen and Carson Comeau

This will be our 5th Youthlinc trip together. Carson started as a student participant over 15 years ago on a Peru team. Bobby’s first trip was a “friends and family” trip to Cambodia. We are excited to be taking another team through the adventures of humanitarian work. Our past trips include; Cambodia, Thailand, Guatemala, and Madagascar. Youthlinc has become part of our lives. Our favorite thing about Youthlinc is that it creates an open dialogue for people to discover how we are all better when we all do a little bit together. The relationships you create both during local service and in-country are unparalleled. The common thread of volunteering is a powerful force.

When we are home you can find us with our three dogs; Kona, Ryker, and Indy. We are always up for an outdoor adventure or some hang time in hammocks with a good book.


2020 Nepal 2 Assistant Team Leader: Alice Barnett

For my entire life, I have been passionate about serving others. Whether it was putting a band aid on an injured family member, assisting a friend with school work, or always lending a helping hand whenever I saw someone in need. My experiences with Youthlinc were some of the most rewarding and memorable times of my life. Not only did I get to learn about the need that is within my own community and volunteer locally with Real Life, I got to travel to two of the most beautiful countries in the world – Nepal and Cambodia. I went to Nepal the Summer of 2016, a little over a year after Kathmandu was hit with a tragic earthquake. While everyone was struggling to rebuild their homes and make ends meet, they were so grateful for the work we were doing to better their community and gave us everything whether it was food or some other kind of offering in thanks and praise. Before I had even left Nepal, I knew that I did not want my Youthlinc journey to end and wanted to apply to be an alum leader. Cambodia was a dream, so much history in that country and to be able to experience that first hand and talk to people who had suffered under the Khmer Rouge regime was so special and humbling.

I am now in my junior year at the University of Utah studying Biology with an emphasis in Anatomy and Physiology, wanting to peruse a career in the health/medical world. Being an ATL is something I have always wanted to do, starting college however was a very overwhelming time, so I took a little break from Youtlinc to get my feet underneath me academically. The timing this year could not have been more perfect, I feel like I have gained so much wisdom and insight these last two years of college and want to share than with young adults. My goal as an ATL is to be an advocate for students and help them in any way that I can, and most importantly to be their friend and support them on their journey to becoming a lifetime humanitarian the way I felt supported through my past experiences with Youthlinc.