NEPAL 2019


Nepal 1, Khanigaon –The team worked hard to renovate and paint the existing classrooms.

Nepal 2, Lele –The team helped construct a retaining wall that was a large and tedious project. This retaining wall will help prevent landslides at the school during monsoon season.


Nepal 1, Khanigaon –Nepal 1 cultural committee planned and carried out the opening and closing ceremonies for the team. They also oversaw the home visits, making sure the team was prepared to listen and learn in a respectful way while in people’s homes. They also planned the cultural mural. And last but not least, the ran the fun fair which was a great way to end off the trip and proved to be so much fun for the kids at the school. Both teams also worked alongside the Men and Women and helped plant rice.

Nepal 2, Lele –The Nepal 2 cultural committee oversaw opening and closing ceremonies. They also oversaw the fun fair for the students at their school. They help prepare the team and lead conversations during home visits. They oversaw the team mural which turned out beautifully!


Nepal 1, Khanigaon – The education committee planned, prepared, and oversaw English camp both in Utah and while in Nepal. In Utah they worked as a committee to teach the team how to prepare a lesson then followed up with students to make sure everyone had a lesson and was prepared to teach that lesson. In Nepal, they made sure English camp ran smoothly every day. They taught a total of 21 English lessons to students ranging in age from 3-12 years old! They also oversaw the Mondo Art Project in conjunction with English camp.

Nepal 2, Lele – The Nepal July education committee oversaw a successful English camp. They helped Youthlinc team members prepare their lessons, then once in Nepal they made sure the English camp ran smoothly. They helped troubleshoot, support, and revise Youthlinc students’ lessons to help ensure everyone was as successful as possible. The result was a fun and effective English camp for all. They also oversaw the Mondo Art Project in conjunction with English camp.


Nepal 1, Khanigaon – The Community Health committee ran a successful health fair for the Khanigaon community. They taught various health lessons. In addition to the educational lesson provided at the health fair the committee worked hard to fundraise and gather donations for various kits which they were able to teach how to use and distribute. The community loved not only the kits, but the great education that accompanied them!

Nepal 2, Lele –The Community Health committee planned and carried out a successful health fair where they taught various health education topics. They had a tremendous turn out, and the people attending blew them away. They prepared lessons on basic first aid, nutrition and both a Men’s and Women’s health lesson. In addition to the health fair the committee worked hard to collect and compile many kits to distribute at the health fairs. They compiled hygiene kits, first aid kits, and Days for Girls kits. The community was extremely receptive and appreciative.


Nepal 1, Khanigaon – The vocational committee taught basic sewing skills wherein they taught the basics of operating a sewing machine, they taught the parts of a sewing machine, and they taught how to straight stitch. To culminate these projects, they used the skills they’d been taught to make traditional mens hats, mens ties, pants, shirts, headbands, and scrunchies. They caught on very quickly and were able to build upon their lessons with the help of the business seminar.

Nepal 2, Lele –The Nepal July vocational committee’s taught the women’s group of the community Health Nepal.  They taught how to make soap and candles. This group of women meet regularly and are the force behind change in the village.  They came every morning and afternoon to learn how to make their own soap and candles. The candles they are making are being used in traditional ceremonies. Now they can either save by making their own or earn money around the holiday seasons by selling candles for upcoming events.  They were all very interested in pairing these new skills with a business model.

  • Vocational committee also taught a cooking class. They taught how to make banana oat muffins, Banana pancakes, hash browns, french toast, Spaghetti, Tacos, Peanut butter cookies and Cake/cup cakes for a birthday celebration. The women enjoyed the classes and found a few new favorites!
  • They also provided lessons on how to plant and maintain an herb garden. They planted cilantro, cinnamon, oregano, Garlic, ginger, basil, sage, and cumin. The team was able to provide them a supply of these herbs and show them how they can be used.


Nepal 1, Khanigaon – The Nepal 1 business committee ran a very successful Business Seminar. To prepare for this the committee members prepared business lessons based on the 4 P’s model (product, price, place, promotion). Culminating with a mock market where students had to “sell” their product. The students enjoyed this mock market and came away exhibiting an understanding of these basic business principles.

Nepal 2, Lele –The Nepal 2 business committee was able hold a successful business seminar. The women were so excited and determined to know more about business. The Women’s group of Lele have already been testing various business models and ideas but needed some extra attention. The Nepal 2 team did an excellent job at filling those needs. They had more in depth conversations about business and found was to help women develop and improve their business. They ended with a friendly competition and the women had a great time competing against one another and preparing for their boutique on the last day.