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Youthlinc has been working in Guatemala since 2012. The first two years we partnered with Ak’ Tenamit and stayed at the Finca Tatin hotel, situated along the Rio Dulce. In 2014, we partnered with People for Guatemala and have worked closely with the Founder, Lois Werner, since that time.

People for Guatemala is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the health, education, and community development of rural communities in the San Martin, Jilotepeque area. Together we have installed over 20 Chapina stoves and over 60 cement floors in homes to improve the living conditions and health of many families. We have also taught sewing classes, business classes, community health lessons, and English lessons as part of our committee work. In addition to our focus on education, we look for opportunities to form meaningful connections with the villagers, whether that is going on a home visit, playing soccer, or learning how to make tortillas.

The Youthlinc team always ends their trip by visiting Antigua, Guatemala, which is well known for its Spanish colonial architecture. You will have the opportunity to explore the city, go ziplining, and catch some shopping before heading home.

In-country Coordinator

Tomasi Tokalauvere

Tomasi was a Pastor for a Church in Fiji when he lost is first Wife to cancer. They have 2 daughters together. He then Moved to New Zealand where is was a Pastor for 6 Years and served the Maori community. He came back to Fiji and was serving at a Christian Camp. At the End of 2007 Thomasi met is current wife Sesarina. They got married in 2008. In 2009 they moved to the Province of Ra.

They had their first volunteer team from Capernwray, New Zealand. In 2011, they got involved with a charity from Australia called LOVE, GIVE, SHARE South Pacific, serving in the community and mostly rural schools of Fiji. In 2016 After Cyclone Winston, they coordinated the distribution of food and school materials to schools and community through LOVE, GIVE, SHARE.

In the Beginning of 2017 they started coordinating with Youthlinc, our first teams were greeted and cared for so well in 2018 that we decided we have to go back and send as many teams as we can.

They are also serving in a ministry called Island Encounter in Nadi.

Pastor Thomasi and Sesarina are wonderful coordinators and great cooks, graciously provide dinner every night at their own home. we are so luck to have found them and can’t wait for our partnership to continue to grow.

David Veenstra

Guatemala Team Leader
Growing up on a space station near the mouth of the wormhole was difficult but never boring. Sometimes we would have to defend ourselves from invading alien forces and sometimes ancient magic beings would try to steal our lunches. We always found time to meet new species of aliens and try new food…oh wait, that wasn’t me…never mind…uhhh,
Hi everyone! My name is Dave Veenstra and I love travelling, service and Youthlinc. I went on the Nepal 2 trip in 2019 and it was a life changing experience. I am excited to lead team Guatemala this year and I am extra excited that my daughter is going too (she is the one sleeping on my shoulder after a long day of snorkeling in Thailand). Serving others enriches our own lives and helps grow the kindness in the world. My trip to Nepal showed me new things I couldn’t have anticipated. I thought I knew what to expect because I had read about it and seen videos but I was wrong. I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. The two most enriching things we can do is to serve others and travel so Youthinc is perfect. 
I have been a teacher for almost a decade now and presently I teach various kinds of history at Hillcrest High School. I got my bachelors in history from the University of Texas San Antonio, a Masters in Teaching from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Liberal Arts from Saint John’s College in Annapolis Maryland. Before I was a teacher, I served in the Air Force and I speak Russian. As a lifelong nerd, I am a huge Trekkie and average about 60 books a year. When I’m not teaching or reading, I love to go hiking and play board games and role-playing games. 
I look forward to meeting you and helping to make your experience with Team Guatemala magical.

I’m currently a Sophmore at the University of Utah studying business with a hope of medical school one day! I just returned from a 2 year mission serving the people of Indiana, and couldn’t wait to continue serving others. My first experience with Youthlinc was in 2017 when I traveled to Cambodia after completing my service year. It was an absolutely life changing experience and I can’t wait to be a part of the team to Guatemala. 

Easton Bearnson