FIJI 2019


  • One of the biggest concerns for the small village of Narikoso, Fiji is sanitation. During the site visit in January 2018, community leaders expressed the need for more toilet facilities. At the time, 3-4 families were each sharing a toilet facility resulting in a variety of health problems for community members.
  • The installation of toilet facilities continued and is still a big success. This year we were able to install There are still toilets that need to be installed both at the school and within the community for families. We will continue to install more toilets over the next two Service Years.


The Cultural Committee planned Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Fun Fair. We also prepared questions and was a leader during Home Visits where we talked one-on-one with villagers in their home. During the STEM Camp, we prepared a fun game rotation for the kids such as soccer and tag.


The Education Committee put on STEM Camp at the nearby K-8 school. Everyone on the team each taught at least one STEM or Math lesson. We also started a computer lab at the school we provided teachers and students with basic computer and software lessons and hope to build on this more in the future.  We painted a mural and did the Mondo art exchange lessons in the classrooms. We donated supplies to the school.


The Community Health Committee taught a men health fair as well as a women’s health fair. We distributed hygiene kits to participants. We provided feminine hygiene kits and cycle beads to the women. They absolutely loved these lessons. The vocational Committee taught them how to make more feminine hygiene products for families and neighboring communities. We taught maturation to 5th-8th graders at Mataso Primary School and distributed feminine hygiene kits to the girls. We also taught basic health and hygiene lesson as part of the STEM camp. We also had a last minute opportunity to teach about drug and alcohol abuse at the school with older students. Lastly, we donated requested medical supplies to the Nanukuloa Clinic.


  • The Vocational Committee planned sewing an embroidery lessons for the women. They were able to provide 6 sewing machines and a serger through team fundraising. They started with Basic sewing and embroidery skills. They taught to make purses, pants, bags, eye wear cases and how to apply and use zippers in their products. With the help of Community Health Committee our team taught about Feminine hygiene and reusable products. They were given lessons on how to assemble and sew reusable kits that they can use for themselves and their daughters or sell to neighboring communities. They paired these lessons with lesson from the Business Committee to show they could turn their new skill into a business. The new Embroidery skills can be used to enhance the sewing products they design and make.
  • Vocational committee also taught a cooking class. They taught how to make banana oat muffins, Banana pancakes, hash browns, french toast, Spaghetti, Tacos, Peanut butter cookies and Cake/cup cakes for a birthday celebration. The women enjoyed the classes and found a few new favorites!
  • They also provided lessons on how to plant and maintain an herb garden. They planted cilantro, cinnamon, oregano, Garlic, ginger, basil, sage, and cumin. The team was able to provide them a supply of these herbs and show them how they can be used.


The Business Committee taught a group of women the 5 P’s (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion, Profit) and ended the training with an exciting sell day. By the end of the week, the women had a great understanding of the 5 P’s and were able to demonstrate that understanding. On the final day of the seminar the women each presented a business plan proposal of their own. They included a visual aide, business model and a request for a small business loan. Thanks to donors and team fundraising each of these women that presented a complete plan were awarded a business loan according to their business needs.