On Valentine’s Day we normally think about the ones we love but many don’t stop to think about those in need.  These amazing Youthlinc students from the Thailand team are taking time this Valentine’s Day to spend time with those they call their their special service valentines.  A huge thank you to Catherine Burns, Itzak Lefler and Lauren Stehperson for your selfless service and inspiration! 

Catherine Burns 

“For my main service hours I volunteer at Midway Elementary School helping the students and teachers. I help the kids who are in what’s called the “STAR” reading program. I read with the same two kids twice a week and I have loved getting to know them! They are both in 3rd grade and I really enjoy reading with them and watching them improve. It has been a great experience!”

Itzak Lefler
“I do most of my volunteer work with Good Shepherd Home Care and Hospice, a locally owned group of professionals and specialists who make it their mission to provide love and care for those who need it throughout Utah. I work with John Nielsen, a former Navy boiler-room mechanic and forest ranger. He has a strong love for the outdoors, and I spend a lot of time with him sharing stories, reminiscing about his fishing days and watching his favorite tv shows.  I also volunteer at the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake because I feel the need to help those who are going through a hard time, particularly those who are homeless. Whenever I go to help out with serving dinner meals, you can clearly see how much they appreciate you helping them out, even for one night. It makes you truly appreciate the simple things in life, like a warm dinner, that you often take for granted.”

Lauren Stephenson

 “My main service site is Youthlinc’s Real Life in Salt Lake City program. Going into the experience I was so nervous. I had never branched out into my community before. Real life has been an amazing experience. The joy the children radiate from having us there is infectious. I love all the people I’ve met. Volunteering has been an eye opening experience for me. It makes me appreciate all of my blessings and helps me remember to find the beauty in everything.” 

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