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Segundo Semana en Chiapas!

Week two has taught team Mexico a lot about elbow grease! We have worked hard on the kitchen for hours on end, who knew mixing concrete would take so much effort? But we work with a smile because the little kids at the school in Bautista Grande always put those on our faces!

We have also been working on the beautiful murals for the school. Thanks to our artistic masterminds, we will leave something absolutely marvelous for the students to enjoy long after we leave them.
After having time to ourselves on Sunday morning, we set out for the main city (San Cristobal) for some lunch and shopping. It was our “Quest for Stuff”– And oh, did we find a lot of it! Being in the city is an adventure for all and we love being around more of the people, whatever chance we get!We are working hard and this second week has proved our efforts for the past eight months. Team Mexico is living up all the time we have left and giving our all to these children that we love so much! Thank you for your support and for helping us get to this wonderful place! Vive in Mexico! For now, Adios.


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