Dear Recommender,

The student giving you this recommendation form is applying for a college scholarship that rewards young individuals who give back to their community. Thanks to our generous sponsor, the George S and Delores Doré Eccles Foundation, we are pleased to award a total of $32,000 in college scholarships. One college winner and one high school winner will each receive a $7,500 scholarship. One college runner up and one high school runner up will each receive a $4,000 scholarship, and six finalists (three college and three high school finalists) will each receive $1,500.

This individual must be a junior or senior in a Utah high school or enrolled full-time in an undergraduate college or university program in the state of Utah. Graduate students are not eligible for this Award. Only individuals who have actively supervised students in their service activities should complete this recommendation.

Applicants will be judged on evidence of sustained, focused service efforts on behalf of genuinely needy individuals or communities. We are looking for applicants who demonstrate strong leadership skills, consistent service over a period of time, hands-on service, self-driven service, collaboration with others, and local impact right here in Utah.


The deadline for all parts of the application is 11:59 PM on March 1. No incomplete or late applications will be considered. We hope you have received this form in a timely manner and can assist the student in providing this recommendation as part of his or her application.


Please select the proper ranking per category. Please offer an honest evaluation of this individual as compared to other service leaders you know. Your rankings and comments will be kept confidential. Click here to view Judging Criteria 

*This form can also be completed as a printed PDF. Click here to download the PDF. Please fill out the form, save it, and email it directly to 

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