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Application Judge Rubric

Please read the following criteria carefully before beginning to rank your applications. Contact our Local Service Director if you are not sure you understand the criteria specified. Our overall recipient must exemplify these qualities; this is the kind of person we are looking for to be Utah’s Young Humanitarian.

1. Focused service:
   It’s fine to have been involved in lots of service activities. However, we want to see that the applicant has spent enough time in one area of service to have really made a difference.

2. Strong leadership skills:
   It’s great to be a team player and important to help others reach their goals. We want to see that the applicant has also led others in service, and done so effectively.

3.Consistent service over a period of time:
   The best candidates are not new to service, but have demonstrated a consistent commitment to service over the course of their young lives.

4. Selfless and self-driven service:
   Of course, parents, teachers, and other mentors will encourage a young person to volunteer. But there must be evidence that this applicant has become self-motivated to help others.
   While service mandated through a religious or school organization, or service done for a resume, can still be valuable, we want to see the candidate has taken independent action to serve others.

5. Collaborates well with others:
   There must be evidence that this individual has successfully involved others in service, inspired others to volunteer alongside him or her.

6. Local community impact:
   Many of our candidates have international service experience. Although that is noteworthy, this Award is for Utah’s Young Humanitarian, so local service MUST be a central focus in the application.

Ranking Process

This process will take 10-15 hours of your time. Please plan accordingly. We want every application to be thoroughly read and critiqued. Rankings are due on Friday, March 19th by midnight.

Holding the above criteria in your mind, read each application (essays, service resume, recommendations) while making notes as the above criteria are evidenced.

Fill out the ranking sheet for each applicant after you have read the complete application. As you move through the applications, your ranking might change for previous applicants based on the comparisons you are forming. You can always go back to a previous applicants section by clicking the back button to change your rankings.

You be the judge as to whether the quality of writing in the essays impacts your overall scores. We do want the individual to be articulate in expressing his or her commitment to service, but this quality will continue to be judged in the interviews. This Award recognizes service, not Grade Point Average (GPA).

While focusing on the criteria above, please compare overall impressions of the candidate as you rank. We want you to take ownership in judging.

ONLY the positive and constructive feedback below the ranking chart will be shared with the applicants.

Judge each application using the following rubric. Scores range from 1-10. 10 is the highest.

Tracking Scores

This tracking document may help keep track of scores as you move through the rubric to help you rank applicants after you have completed each page. Click here for the tracking page.