Wow! This trip has gone by oh so fast!  Tomorrow we are having our fun fair and then closing ceremonies and then we are on our way to Hanoi!

Tonight, with some of our new Vietnamese friends, we had a buffet style dinner, listened to awesome music including Britney Spears, and sang karaoke! I sang “I want it that Way” by The Backstreet Boys with one of our translators.  It was amazing.

I can’t even express how amazing this trip has been. The projects have all been going extremely well. The children at the school love us and love learning English!  We’ve also worked on some construction projects.  For the past two days we’ve been paving a road between a few houses that led to a main road.  We shoveled sand piles to another sand pile and gravel piles to another gravel pile, then mixed the piles and shoveled them into a cement mixer and deposited it into a wheel barrel, hauled it down and poured it.  Hard work!

Tomorrow for our fun fair we are having tons of games! Face painting, ball toss, tug of war, ooblek goo making, fingernail painting, musical chairs and relay races, and much more! For the closing ceremony we are doing the Footloose dance, a few people are sharing talents, and then singing Lean on Me.

Tomorrow is going to be a very hard day for all of us… leaving these amazing people! We have made so many friends, including our translators and Mr. Dang.  A few people on our team were crying today because it was the last day to see some of the children and people. It was a very tender moment.

I am so happy to be apart of this amazing team! It has been an amazing experience for me.

-Samantha Bergeman

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