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Rotary Grant builds a bridge at our Peru site, increasing access to medical care

Another Rotary grant will make a difference at a Youthlinc site this year in Palmeras, Peru. Thanks to the generous support from many Rotary Clubs this grant is possible.

We are grateful to the Rotary clubs of: Kaysville, Tooele, Hurricane, Logan, Fort Union/Midvale, Iquitos. Youthlinc funds were also contributed to make this project possible.

Altogether, the grant will provide $14,000 in funding and consists of constructing a 30 meter foot bridge over a tributary of the Amazon River with an 800 meter cement walkway also being built. The bridge and walkway will allow the community (around 1,000 inhabitants) with faster and more reliabel access to medical facilities in the nearby town of Yanamono.

Also, the bridge will creat better access to boat transportation to the city of Iquitos for larger medical emergencies.Currently, the community members walk long distance to access medical facilities that lie just on the other side of the tributary, which raises nearly 30 feet in the rainy season.

The 2011 Peru Team and community members will help provide labor for the bridge and other projects including laying cement for a new multipurpose court in the middle of the village.

This will be Youthlinc’s second year in Plameras. Last year the team built a school and medical shed from generous funds donated by the Michel Family Foundation.

We are grateful for all our generous donors and project supporters. With their support Youthlinc continues to make a difference for thousands across the globe, while creating lifetime humanitarians.



Youthlinc is a Utah-based 501c-3 nonprofit dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians through local and international service. Learn more about our programs by visiting our website:

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