Service Year Requirements

The service year is a 9 month program focused around local and international service!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah

We partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah to conduct clothing drives to raise funds for our committee projects.


The Youthlinc approach to international development is based on research and practical experience. Our goal is to help communities become self-sufficient.


Forms are a large part of your duties as a team member. It is critical we have all the information we need before the deadlines.


Paying for the Service Year can seem like a big task. Use our resources to help you fundraise for your trip.

International Destinations

View all the countries that we go to!

International Information

Want to travel before or after your trip? Look into our Diverging Itineraries.

Local Service

Local service is a large part of the Service Year. Learn More about the requirements and ways to get involved locally.

Trip Payments

How do I make payments on my trip? How do I share my Page with others?

Safety and FAQ

Youthlinc takes the safety of our participants very seriously. Our team leaders and mentors are commited to the safety of the team.

Team Leadership Job Descriptions

Each team member has a role. Learn more about what each person does.

Team Meetings

Teams meet once a month to go over important knowledge for in-country and meet with their commitees to plan in country projects.

U of U Travel Clinic

We go through the University of Utah Travel Clinic to ensure that our teams know how to travel safe.