Recently at Real Life!
Recently at Real Life we have had the opportunity  do some very fun activities!  One week we covered a table with paper and finger painted, the kids loved it!  They drew pictures of their name, their country, we even did handprints.

 The next week some of the kids taught us how to play a game from their county that’s kind of like jump rope.  It took us a while to get it down but we finally got it!  Two people hold the jump rope above the ground.  The others run up to it and try to get both of their feet over to the other side without touching the rope with their hands.

 We also had a wonderful lesson by one of our Real Life volunteers on basic health and CPR!  The kids learned CPR and then practiced on a dummy.  We later got into groups and had to act out a scenario where someone got hurt and we had to figure out the best way to help them!  Whether is was to splint there arm/leg or give them CPR.

 We also played a fun game of tag outside that the kids really loved!  One person started in the middle, and the rest had to run to the other side.  If you were tagged, you had to stay where you were and try to tag those where still trying to get to the other side. The last person standing was the winner!

  Later, we got to go rock climbing again, the kids had a blast!


Real Life is a great after school program for refugees in the area.  Volunteering there had been such a great experience that I have asked one of the  Real Life volunteers one of her most memorable moments!
“One of the most memorable moments I have had is when we interviewed the teens.  I loved learning about where they came from and how they came to be at Real Life.  It was cool because one of the kids was from kenya, which is where I’m going this summer.  So I got to ask him a few questions about it.  Also it was great because it helped me understand so much more about the teens and I love hearing their stories!”  -Lauren Holmstrom


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