Thank you to everyone who planned AMAZING lessons at Real Life this past week!
Monday’s soccer tournament was a blast. We have so many talented soccer players! It was good to be able to get outside and play some sports. Thanks Kristen!
Wednesday we made a sweet video for a competition in Salt Lake County. The video was meant to motivate kids to read more in the summer. Real Lifers were taking responsibility in motivating their peers! Great job guys!
On Friday, Gui and Alex planned an awesome team challenge day! Everyone participated in a few team challenges. There were three teams, “iCandy,” “Superstars,” and “Winners.” Ironically (or maybe not-so-much) the “Winners” won team challenge day!
For the first challenge, each team had to construct some sort of device to transport four ping-pong balls from the “Mission Control” to the “Moon,” without leaving Mission Control! It was a real challenge and every team member had to put their minds together and be creative. Everyone played a part in constructing the devices. Team “iCandy” and “Winners” got all four ping pong balls on the “moon!”
For the second team challenge, each team had to construct a tower made out of gum drops, marshmallows, and raw spaghetti! Again, every team member was putting their heads together to organize the tallest and most creative castle! No one was left out in this activity, everyone had a role to play! We had some pretty interesting results…

Spaghetti people! And a spaghetti horse..
Radio tower?
Abstract construction.. 
Very concentrated!
We had so many cool designs! 
For the last team challenge, each team had to work together to clean up their area the quickest! It was pretty funny to see everyone scrambling back and forth to garbage with their hands full of candy and spaghetti!
P.S. Congratulations to Muang for being the teen of the week! We really appreciate your commitment to Real Life and making sure to come every day!

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