This week at Real Life was packed with awesome experiences concerning colleges and careers! 

To start off the week, we all went to the University of Utah. To help us get more familiar with the campus, we had a huge scavenger hunt! It was really fun to compete against each other to see who could find all of the items first! It was also a really good way to get to know a little bit more about the University of Utah!

On Wednesday, we had our last 4H class! Again, these classes are all about educating us on different topics such as bullying and building healthy relationships!

Finally.. on Friday we had the pleasure of using the newly-remodeled Hser Ner Mer Center and the computer lab!

Everyone got partners and surfed around in order to get a “reality check.” In this exercise, the Real Life teens were able to plan out their ideal future and see how much it would cost and what kind of job they would need to afford everything. After this, they took a type of presonality inventory where they answered some questions about themselves. As a result, a list of job that would interest them came up. The kids could search through these jobs to see the salaries of the careers and the kinds of degrees needed to pursue them. 

Later, everyone searched for possible scholarships! It was amazing to see how many scholarships popped up for the teens. They soon realized how easy it is to pay for college if you take the initiative! 

Finally, we played a type of partner-online-scavenger-hunt. We were able to measure the distances between the volunteer’s birthplace and the Real Life teen’s birthplace. Likewise, we were also able to find the true meanings of our names and famous people that shared our birthdays. It was a great educational and fun day!

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