What an awesome week at Real Life! 

On Monday, we all learned how to eat and stay healthy! We learned that texture, color, and temperature are three things we should think about when planning a meal. After learning a little bit about our nutritional needs, everyone made their own collage-style “perfect plates!”After this, we went outside and played games (because eating healthy isn’t the only part of staying healthy! 😉 )!
On Wednesday, many of the youth went to hear from professionals about different careers. They also learned a little more about colleges and majors! For everyone who stayed at the Columbus Center, we had a fun day making bracelets! Real lifers learned about the brief history of bracelet making, different knots used to make bracelets, and what different colors meant (ex. Green=Responsible). Everyone had a blast making bracelets and sharing ideas with each other. 

Hser Ner Paw loved making these so much.. she made two!
Chris decided to be incredibly creative!
Sala worked so hard!
Julia’s fantastic creation!
Finally.. Friday was GYSD! We have been planning our Global Youth Service Day project for a few weeks now, and our work sure paid off! We packed over 100 backpacks for incoming refugees on this day! Along with giving these new teens everything they need for the first day of school, we also wrote friendly welcome notes to put in their backpacks. These backpacks will be given to the IRC (International Rescue Committee) and CCS (Catholic Community Services). We are so excited for our bags to be delivered and to brighten these kids’ days!
Toothbrushes.. a must-have!
Chapstick and deodorant.. can’t live without them!
Pens and pencils for their first day!
Can’t forget the pencil sharpener!
Busy writing our awesome welcome letters!
The group of AH-MAZING volunteers that helped us on this day!
We have an extremely motivated group of people here at Real Life! We love you all so much!

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