We’ve had some awesome activities over at Real Life the past two weeks! 
Last Wednesday, we participated in the Mondo Art Project and drew pictures that the Cambodia team will be taking with them. The project is meant to facilitate a cultural exchange. Real Life participants had a blast drawing pictures describing their culture! 
On Friday, we had a variety of fun activities pertaining to culture!
 We started off by learning different types of dances around the world. We learned how to do the swing, salsa, and an african dance! 
 We then broke into two different groups and grabbed a buddy. One group made “candy sushi” while the other group was busy face-painting. 
 Cayla is very concentrated while helping SoeMae and Rehka with their sushi candy!
 Rice crispies, swedish fish, and fruit by the foot.. yum!
The finished product 🙂
 The other group is busy painting national flags on each other’s faces!
 AK is drawing on a volunteers hand. 
And, of course, what’s a day at Real Life without a game of missionary tag? 😉

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