Mia Quintero is our Real Life Intern at the West High School site. Here she gives us an update on the first two weeks of programming:


“The first two weeks of Real Life have been amazing! We have wonderful peer mentors and great students! Like most sites, the first half of our time is spent with homework help. It is always fun to see the mentors and students learn together and accomplish their homework goals! The first week—after homework help—we got to know each other playing ice breaker games and team building activities. The most liked get-to-know-you game was called “red-light, green-light.” All the kids had a red and green card and the intern would ask yes or no questions to the kids and if they answer ‘yes,’ they hold up green and ‘no’ is red. The kids loved it so much because they were able to tell everyone a little bit more about themselves and become closer together!


The second week we had two officers come and talk to the kids about the law and what they can do to utilize the law for their benefit. The kids really enjoyed this activity! They asked lots of questions and got to be acquainted with the school officer. It was an amazing opportunity for the kids—including the mentors—to be more aware of their school and community surroundings.

Even from the first week, it is easy to tell that Real Life is impacting the lives of the students and mentors. Everyone has bonded so well together! Every time they walk into the room and we all see each other there is a mini celebration because we are always excited to spend time together and learn from one another! The students have been sharing their native languages with the mentors and the mentors have not only been helping with homework, but giving the students another available friend within the school! I love Real Life!” – Mia Quintero, Real Life Intern