It is with huge smiles on our faces that we welcome Rebekah Meads to the Youthlinc family as our International Service Intern. She recently returned home from our Youthlinc Cambodia trip, and was awarded with the Cambodia Team’s All Star Volunteer. Bekah is a vibrant and passionate young lady, attending the University of Utah, studying Health, Society, and Policy. She hopes that her major will allow her to do what she loves– humanitarian work– and turn it into a career so she can do it forever. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Bekah hopes to get a Masters in Public Health and work in health administration.

Bekah writes about her new internship: “I am so excited to be the International Service Intern for Youthlinc. I know that this will be a great experience that will allow me to become a more refined person, have great interactions with amazing people, and give me valuable insight into the non-profit world.”

She continues that she will be “forever grateful for Youthlinc”, because “it has changed my life. The mission of Youthlinc has opened my eyes to what I want to get out of life. Youthlinc has helped me realize that there is no faster way to true happiness then through meaningful service. Before my interaction with Youthlinc service was something that I thought I should do, then once I was accepted to Youthlinc it became something I had to do, and now it is something that I never want to stop doing. I’ve never done as much consistent service in my life as I am doing now, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier than I am now either.”

We feel lucky to have Bekah as our intern, and look forward to a successful, fun and productive year.

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