Tanaya Moss“I completed my service hours at Legacy House in Bountiful.  Legacy House is an assisted living home.  I loved volunteering there and always look forward to going.  I had the opportunity to do a bunch of different things like play games, help with delivering newsletters to the residents, and taking care of the residents. It was so much fun being able to go and help out all of the residents and bond with them more and more each time I went.  I had such a good time and I’d recommend it for a main service site in a heart beat.”  –Tanaya Moss


“There really aren’t too many words to describe The North Campus.  It is an “alternative high school” for Wasatch County.  Students who attend are in danger of not graduating for any number of reasons – not attending school, low g.p.a., insufficient financial support, family breakups, etc.   Although I only spend 2 hours a week here, it seriously has been life changing.   I think the connection that I have developed with the kids is a different one than the other counselors/teachers.  I think this is because I’m younger than the teachers so the kids assume I can relate to their situations.  The connection hasn’t just been helpful to them, but rewarding to me as well.  One kid in particular always asks before I leave, “So I’ll see you Thursday? “ or “Next Tuesday you’re coming again right?”  It’s amazing what happens  when I go up to them and offer them a warm smile.  That’s what these kids need.  Love.  That is what every human needs… and so many of us are so deeply deprived.   I tell them I want to help them and understand what they are going through.  They take their headphones out of their ears and actually listen to what I say.  Then we work together and laugh and make light of all of the work we have to do.  I leave feeling so much better than when I came.  It has been an extremely invigorating experience.  I hope I am helping them, because they are helping me.” – Cassie Coulam


Martel DenHartog“For my service work in Salt Lake, I have chosen to set up an exercise and games class at Pacific Heritage Academy. PHA is a K-8 school located in Rose Park that primarily serves lower income families. Health and exercise are keys to a successful life, which is why I’m leading an activities class for elementary and middle schoolers. Three mornings every week before school, I lead ten or so students in physical games or initiatives. We’ve played frisbee, tag, done push-ups, and have had card game competitions. Soon, we will be participating in the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. This will give the kids a fun way to exercise, but will also benefit a wider community. I have a blast working with the kids at PHA. They are always up for anything and positively motivate each other. I hope this service work is a taste of what is to come working with students in Peru!” – Martel DenHartog



“I have really enjoyed the Real Life Salt Lake City program so far! It has been really cool to meet the refugees and hang out with them. I have gotten to know most of them pretty well and feel that I am becoming really close friends with them! I love seeing how they progress in English and seeing their face light up when they finally understand a new homework concept. They activities that we have done are also really fun. I’m glad that I got the chance to spend time with the refugees and I want to continue attending Real Life even when I have all of the service hours that I need!” – Caleb Petersen


Connor Morgan

“I have chosen to volunteer at the VA Medical Center as my main service site. I hope to pursue a career in medicine, and I also have a tremendous appreciation for our veterans. So, this service site seemed to be a perfect fit for me. I work in the Transport Office, and I have volunteered there for a few hours every week since October. Volunteering in the Transport Office entails wheeling veterans to and from their appointments throughout the hospital and taking lab specimens to the blood lab. I have really enjoyed working at the VA. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many of the veterans, and I have also become friends with several other volunteers and employees in the transport office. I hope to continue volunteering at the VA next year, too, because I genuinely enjoy this experience. Also, working in the hospital has helped to solidify my desire to become a doctor when I am older. So far, my Youthlinc experience is really helping to shape the rest of my life.” – Connor Morgan

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