Our Peru team has been making great strides in local service lately, here are just a few of their stories!

Sophie has been volunteering at the Sunshine Terrace Foundation in Logan Utah for her main site service hours. She is there twice a week and can’t stop thinking about this place! She takes the residents to lunch, therapy, or to play games, she also just gives them good and welcome company. Since many of the residents don’t have anyone who will visit them they really enjoy when she comes by and hangs out with them.

Tong Liu has been volunteering at Peer Court for his main service site. His job is quite interesting, he is on a panel that decides what fate any youth who have been truant receive, these are supposed to help reform the kids. He has many stories of kids who have come in with bad records and through the program have shaped themselves up!

Jessica Bergman has been volunteering at Precise Rehabilitation, there she assists a therapist by preparing the patients with hot packs etc, and doing exercises with them. One time she even got a patient to do twice the exercise she needed too! She usually goes about four hours a week.

Abby Snow has been volunteering at Wasatch High. Here she goes twice a week to help the special education program. She usually teaches math lessons and she says that this experience has really changed her life. She wants to make life easier for them and get a good experience out of education.

So this is just a short update on the local service stories we have here on our Peru team, we’ll bring many more stories soon. Good work!

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