Hey Peru team members! We are excited to start the 2016-2017 Service Year with you. We know you met your Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader at General Orientation (pssst …  read more about them here). We also want to make sure you’re familiar with the awesome Alum Leaders on your team!
Alum Leaders are another link in the chain of command on a Youthlinc team. They serve as role models for student participants, specialize in creating a positive atmosphere for their team locally and internationally, work in partnership with mentors to oversee students in their appointed committees, and help Youthlinc instill a lifetime service ethic in young people. These individuals will be great resources for you throughout the year!



“Hello friends! My name is John Su. I currently am a senior at West High School. I was part of the 2016 Peru team and could simply not get enough of the people and cultures of Santa Isabel, hence the reason I will be going back this year as an alum leader for Team Peru 2017. My hobbies include basketball, swimming, and track & field, where I currently hold a position as co-captain and sprint captain for swimming and track & field, respectively. Youthlinc has given me my first experience outside of a developed country and has truly redefined the meaning of community service for me at home and around the world. Come talk to me if you have questions, concerns, or just are just plain curious about our trip this year. Look forward to meeting you all!”


“My name is Aurora Robles I am 17 years old and go to Juan Diego High School. Last year I went on my first Youthlinc trip to Peru. I have volunteered with a program called Real Life that helps refugee kids after school with homework, learning English, and much more! I wanted to be an Alum leader this year because I loved getting to know the families and kids in Peru, they made me feel right at home. I wanted to involve myself with Youthlinc again because you experience something that you will never feel or see in your entire life, it’s honestly heartwarming. I continue to serve those in need because it became a part of my everyday life. There’s not a day that goes by without me wanting to lend a helping hand whether that person is in need or not. After my trip to Peru last year I changed my entire career study. Once I came back I realized that I wanted to work with kids or families that are in need of help, love and support. I wish to study speech therapy for disabled kids and further my opportunities to give back to those in need.”



“My name is Madeline Jensen and I go to East High School. I volunteer at the VA Hospital where I get to transport patients around the hospital. I continue to serve here because I love to meet new people and I always strive to positively impact these people, especially because many of them are very sick.  I applied to be an alum because I love to serve. The relationships you form with your group and the people you meet in country are life changing. And the perspective you gain will stay with you forever.”




“My name is Monica Moynihan and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Utah. My major is math with an emphasis in secondary education. I am a Peer Advisor for the LEAP program at the U, and I advise for the service LEAP class. I have been dancing my whole life, and now I work at a dance studio called American Expression of Dance. I love being in the classroom setting, and working with students, as well as being involved in the community and volunteering within that community, and I hope to continue doing that for the rest of my life. I spent last year volunteering at Hser Ner Moo, and am currently volunteering at Granite Park Middle School. I went on a Youthlinc trip to Thailand two years ago, and I am thrilled to be going to Peru this summer. I cannot begin express my love for the Youthlinc program, and it’s motto of creating lifetime humanitarians, because I truly believe that Youthlinc has immensely strengthened my love for both local and international service.”



“My name is Samira and I’m an Honors student at the University of Utah. I am a premed Biomedical Engineering major, dancer, and make-up enthusiast. I work with a nonprofit called the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment program which aims to empower groups of middle school students to make a positive impact in their communities together through service. I also volunteer regularly at Primary Children’s Hospital working in Guest Pateint Services, mentor refugees at Hser Ner Moo Center, and serve as a docent at Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Last year I went with an amazing Youthlinc team to Guatemala. I learned so much from not only the trip itself, but also from the people surrounding me throughout those two weeks. The friendship that grew within the team and with the village was amazing, and I hope to help create a similar atmosphere of support and encouragement this year on the SLC Peru team. I learned so much from my trip last year, and I am beyond excited to continue learning this year!”



“My name is Bailey Whitaker; I am currently a Junior at Davis High School. I have volunteered at Davis hospital, along with clubs at my school, and I have also volunteered with the LDS church in their refugee program. I applied to go to be an Alum leader, because I love Youthlinc and I love service. I can’t imagine my life without it. Youthlinc is a program that has truly changed my life, and my perspective on life. I have met so many amazing people through it and I have had so many life changing experiences, that I won’t ever forget.  I continue to serve in the community because it gives me a connection with people that I’d probably never meet if I weren’t involved in volunteer work. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!”