Yep, the Peru team had its second official meeting of the year, and I think it is safe to say that all of us are only getting more anxious. Anxious about raising the money, getting our passports, and fulfilling our service requirements. At least I know I am. Though the trip seems far away, it only dawned on me that there is continually more and more to do. So, the meeting developed as follows:

( Well, actually I was late, sorry! So I didn’t catch the first bit, just trying to be honest here.)
However, I jumped right into the part of the meeting where the invitation was given to reflect on our local service hours. It was inspiring to hear how our team members are truly making service apart of their lives. Jacki Kimball told us about her little brother ( big brothers big sisters) who’s father’s business had failed, so christmas was looking bleak for him and his family. So Jacki, her family and her fiance’s family pulled together some toys and money to provide that family with a Christmas. Kimberly Gourly also talked about helping her brothers family have a Christmas as well. The Daun’s talked about donating clothes to woman their ages and sizes who barely had anything.
I must say, this is the right crowd to be going to Peru with. I can already tell that everyone is service oriented and totally ready to work. I’m grateful to be surrounded by people who truly know how to give to others. I know that in Peru, we will be able to make such a difference, just because we have a team with the right mindset!
So, without further interruption, the best part of the meeting began. We split into our committee groups for the first time and got down to business. With Peru just a couple months away, we really need to buckle down and figure out exactly what we will be doing while we are there. Though I know Jeff spent hours dividing up the team members, in an attempt to try and make the teams diverse, but also giving everyone the committee they wanted the most. I know he did an awesome job. Because I can only speak for the education team…I’ll focus on that. However, I’ll make sure to included updates on each committee in my upcoming blogs!
The education team elected Paul Mueller to be our leader. A fine choice I must say. Paul is an elementary education major at the University of who better to lead our team in the task of education Peruvian children anywhere from 5 to 18 years old. He knows the best techniques for teaching and getting through to kids and I know he will have a lot of really good ideas. We talked about what topics we want to teach. We threw out a lot of ideas..anywhere from teaching hip hop dances to field trips. So, Peru team members this next part is for YOU!
PLEASE be thinking of your talents and hobbies ( I know you ALL have them) and if there is anything specific you think would be really fun and beneficial to teach the kids and villagers in Peru, bring these ideas with you to the February retreat! So, if you are really good at country dancing or something, and want to teach Peruvians…well..let’s do it! So..brainstorm by the next meeting! You will all be teaching the lessons, so it’s important you all have an input!
The education committee developed a few goals, and will continue to work on them. We mainly want to work with the knowledge that the villagers already have, and expand on it. We are looking to make, or get donated some posters and maps that we can hang on the empty, barren walls at the school. We also want to think of fun crafts we can teach the kids how to make, so we can interact with them and really teach them through a hands-on method.
We discussed how we want to research the best ESL methods of teaching, so that we can communicate in Spanish, but also help them learning basic English that could really help them in their later years. The education team really wants to open the eyes of the people there and show them that learning and education is the key to success and fulf illment. Atleast that’s what I think. For, education is a gift that truly keeps on giving.
So, let the committee planning begin. I just know our projects are going to be awesome. After some basic language instruction from Mikaela, ( yes, hola means hello..haha) the meeting was adjourned until our retreat in February. Peru team, keep this trip in mind as you go throughout each day and week. Can’t wait to keep this whole meeting thing up.

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