Isaac’s main local service site is at the Gayle & Mary Aldred Senior Center. He has completed more than the required 40 hours there. Isaac didn’t know this place existed until he was looking for a local service site but has come to really love his time spent there. He has done a variety of things while being there including: doing Meals on Wheels deliveries, helping on the “Dial a Ride” bus to take homebound seniors around to run errands, helping with lunch duties and activities at the center. Thursdays are a treat there as he helps the seniors play Wii Bowling! Mostly he enjoys spending time talking to different seniors. Pete, a senior who spends most of his time alone, now lights up whenever Isaac is around and always asks when he’ll be coming back. He has met incredible people and has done things that he wouldn’t normally do. Isaac has been a dedicated volunteer there and has certainly made a difference!

Ruth spends her time volunteering at the ELC (English Learning Center). There she helps teach refugees English. She loves every minute of her time spent there. Ruth’s favorite part is hearing the stories of the refugees she works with. She has learned a lot from the trials and suffering they’ve endured and feels lucky to be able to spend time with them. She also enjoys being around their boisterous personalities and learning how connected everyone really is. Ruth is outgoing and has killer personality. She beams happiness and because of these qualities, she has touched the hearts of others while they have definitely touched hers.

Christine chose to volunteer at Real Life for her main service site. She enjoys getting to know the kids, joking with them and seeing their excitement for whatever activities they are doing that day. Her most memorable day there was the day they had a few guys from a break dance group come and teach them some moves. At the very beginning, they got in a big circle and each took turns in the middle, showing off their own moves. Christine was so impressed with the teens and how talented they were. They were then able to work in small groups with the dancers so that they could all learn something to be successful with. Christine said, “It’s amazing what happens when we can take something they LOVE and use it to help them build confidence. To me, that’s what Real Life is all about.”

The picture we’ve included was from the day they designed and spray painted t-shirts.

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