“The community was so involved and supportive in all of our projects. They accepted us with wide open hearts and loved us with such an honest and pure love” -Megan Dolle
“We set out shoes and one by one helped each villager pick a new pair of shoes! There was one little girl who was really sad and after we tried a couple of pairs of shoes we found the perfect pair. Her face just lit up.” –Rachel Leonard
“Youthlinc helped me step outside my comfort zone and really embrace each situation that I was placed in.” -Sophie Rex
“I know truly what thankfulness and gratification are now. I want those feelings again. I also feel now that I can make a difference and no matter how dirty, smelly and gross you are, people will always love you if you do all that you can.” -Grayson Murphy
“I was always busy working with the wonderful people of the village. I fell in love with the people, especially the kids due to the hands-on service I did every single day.” -Elysha Davis
“Youthlinc helped open so many doors to volunteering in my community that I would not have found otherwise! I will forever be a volunteer and lifelong humanitarian!! Thank you Youthlinc!” -Sophie Rex
“Service is not about how it looks on an application, it is about how you can affect others and how they can affect you. Service allows both the giver and the receiver a chance to grow…” -Grayson Murphy
“I was filled by moments that took my breath away. A student teaching the Peruvian children how to say ‘I love you’ or our hug circle as we said our goodbyes, being welcomed into the village every morning … all of these moments are in my heart forever.” -Elham Nazzal
“I loved being reminded of the ‘right’ ways to serve—to help give a hand up not out, to work hard alongside those you are helping.” -Joanie Moss

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