Hey there all you Youthlinc cyberspacers! Yesterday, March 5th was the Youthlinc medical clinic provided by the University of Utah International travel clinic. Special shout out to all of the workers there who so kindly provided us with the tips necessary to keep safe in Peru. They informed us on how to avoid bug bites and malaria. I’m definitely going to keep my 50% deet around my neck at all times, not to mention spend a whole 2 months before, coating my clothing with permethrin. We learned what malaria medication will give us the least amount of nightmares, and to avoid buying food off the streets. I was grateful for this advice to avoid traps that could potentially harm all of us. I know we are going to be well prepared to give our best selves and service to the people in Palmeras.

While we were waiting in line for our vaccinations, I decided to proceed with asking some of our team members a little bit more about themselves and their local service. After all, the local service we do truly makes the youthlinc program. Not to mention, prepares our minds and hearts for the work we will do in Peru. So here you have it, the people behind the project: (well, atleast the first bunch. don’t worry..the rest of the team is yet to come, so get ready!)

Kim Gourley
From: Taylorsville
Attending the University of Utah, majoring in exercise physiology.
Service Site: Big Brothers Big Sisters
Kim loves working with a little girl named Rita, who’s childhood has been anything but easy. They have scrapbooked together and gone to shows near Tuacahn in St. George. Kim loves serving because it makes her happy to see Rita get excited about something.

Kim and Paul 🙂
Paul Mueller
From: Salt Lake City
Attending the University of Utah, majoring in elementary education.
Service Site: Lincoln Elementary
Paul tutors at Lincoln as apart of a program called America Reads. He says that in the beginning, the children were very shy, but now they have improved so much in their learning. This improvement is very fulfilling for Paul to see. Paul enjoys being creative and trying to make learning fun for the kids.

Lindsey Miles
From: Salt Lake City
Attending the University of Utah, majoring in nuclear medicine.
Service Site: Carmen Pinagree School for kids with autism.
Lindsey works with 7 to 10 year olds, and says that for the most part you can’t even tell they have it. Her favorite part is working with the kids because they are so sweet, and even though the autism worsens with age, she enjoys working there because she loves the kids so much.

Amelia White
From: Salt Lake City
Junior at West High School
Service Site: Discovery Gateway
Amelia spends time cleaning and playing games with the kids at Discovery Gateway. She loves being there and interacting with them. She says service is fun and she enjoys spending her time there!

Shannon Rose
From: Salt Lake City
Junior at West High School
Service Site: Tennis and Tutoring at Liberty Park
Shannon has a blast teaching tennis to underprivileged kids. She says the kids are hilarious and it is really fun to watch them progress and have fun!

Lauren Rich
From: Salt Lake City
Attending the University of Utah, majoring in psychology.
Service Site: The Children’s Center
Lauren helps and plays with classes of 8 kids. The Children’s Center is a safe place for kids who don’t normally live in environment like that. Most of them come from families with social or psychological problems, and she really enjoys helping the kids get through these issues in their life.

Anna Vincent
From: Draper
Attending Utah State University, majoring in history.
Service Site: STAR.
Anna spends two hours almost every day tutoring second graders at Wilson elementary with the STAR program. She loves working with kids, and this service opportunity has made her realized that she would like to go into teaching. She believes service is easy and can really impact other people’s lives without much effort.

Freddy Novoa
From: Salt Lake City
Attending Utah State University, majoring in psychology.
Service Site: English Language Center
Freddy has maybe learned more than he thought with this service opportunity. He now knows how to say “hi my name is Freddy” in Arabic. He enjoys teaching people English every week. He also likes to help people apply their English and has definitely seen improvement with the students.

Emma Stephens
From: Park City
Sophomore at Park City High School
Service Site: Park City Medical Center
Emma says its always fun to help people at the hospital and to know your making a difference. An experience in the hospital has been very beneficial to her!

Christian Earl
From: Salt Lake City
Junior at East High School
Service Site: Real Life in SLC
Christian works with this Youthlinc program that works with refugees from all over the world. They play basketball, go bowling and even had an awesome Valentines day celebration. This opportunity helps him feel grateful for everything he’s been given. He feels humble every time he goes, and it has helped him gain a greater perspective on life.

Well, that concludes the first set of interviewees. Aren’t they awesome? The Peru team is as qualified as they come to go out and serve. I only hope to become more acquainted with each and every member of the team. As for the rest of you, please be thinking about experiences and reasons as to how your local service has impacted your life. Adios mis amigos!

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