There is a $500 deposit due on December 1st. This holds your place on the team. If you do not pay this deposit, we will give the spot to someone on our waitlist. 


We break your overall trip cost into monthly payments. This way it is easier to fundraise and pay as you go. 


There is a payment deadline on the 1st of each month. Check your social fundraising page to know how much you need on that deadline! Make sure to stay current and plan ahead. 

late fees

Failure to be current on the 1st of each month will result in a $25 late fee added to your account. It takes a lot of time and energy to track down late payments, so please pay on time.

Social Fundraising Page

Youthlinc uses social fundraising pages to collect payments and donations for Service Year Participants. Once accepted on a team, each participant will create a page. If they are paying for thier trip, this is where they will make payments. If they are fundraising for their trip, this link is what you can share to have other donate to your trip.

Setting Up

Here are the Instructions on how to set up your social fundraising page!

Making a Payment

How to make a payment or donation on your Social Fundraising Page!

Sharing my Page

How to share my Social Fundraising Page to donors or social media!

Cash/Check Donations

How to make a payment or get a donation with cash or a check!