This last friday, at Real Life (March 22nd), we had a party! There were so many people involved, and lots of the teens came as well. The Hser Ner Moo center was packed. There were so many people, that both the upstairs, and downstairs floors were involved, and pretty squished as well! 

The first activity was a cake walk. Numbered sticky notes were placed on the floor in a circle, and when the music started to play, everyone would walk around the circle until it stopped. Then, a number was called out and whoever was on that number won a prize! 

The next activity is the one I think the teens had the most fun with–Limbo! Everyone was so flexible, the string was so low to the ground it was crazy! Everyone loved it so much, that we did several rounds, and the teens kept begging us to lower the string! Much to our amazement, they could limbo underneath the string with no problem!

 All the while, there was a guessing-activity–how many candies were in the Easter container? Everyone wrote their guess on the whiteboard, and the closest one won the candy! Sar Ban guessed it exactly! 450 candies. 🙂 

The last component to the party was a classic–a dance party. Everyone likes a good dance party! With rocking tunes, and over 30 people, you can’t go wrong.

This last Friday at Real Life was an absolute blast. I’d say that that was the fullest i’ve ever seen the place, and although this activity was specifically labeled a ‘party’, everyday at Real Life is a party. 🙂

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