Welcome to Thailand!

The Youthlinc team was greeted with open arms by the students, teachers, parents and Rotarians of the Banthamthong-Lang community. The students at the school prepared traditional Thai dances and songs to show their gratitude and excitement for the days to come. The performances were beautiful and all the Youthlinc team members enjoyed the dances and songs that the students had worked hard and long to prepare. Once the Thais were finished with their portion of the ceremony, we “Party Rocked” our way into their hearts! The Youthlinc team greeted the community by singing the National Anthem which was then followed by a dance to the song, “Party Rock Anthem”. Everything went as planned, and some of the kids got to join in on the fun and dancing. Right after the Opening Ceremony finished, the sky broke into a downpour of refreshing rain that lasted for about an hour. Perfect timing!

“Playing with the kids in the pouring rain was an amazing, unforgettable experience.  Everyone had a smile on their face and even though mud and grass was getting all over the place, it was not important because we were having fun bonding with these special kids. It will be a long lasting memory that I will never forget.” -Sierra Schlag.

Fish Pond Construction is Underway! 

Today, the fish pond was under-construction. Gravel flooring, footing, foundation and walls of the structure were completed. The floor was also prepped for cement, which is scheduled to be poured on Monday or Tuesday. The day was long, but a lot was accomplished with teamwork, dedication and hardly any problems or distractions. Everyone was exhausted from the sun and hard work, but a special pizza dinner was arranged by Rotarian, Brad Kenny, which made everyone pleased. Thanks Brad!

Vocational Committee Teaches English to the Local Community College
The Vocational Committee taught a brief English lesson to a class of about 40 students.  They taught by using games like pictionary and hangman to help the college students learn various words and how to spell.  The students were shy at first to the Youthlinc team in their classroom, but warmed up very quickly, creating a very fun environment to play games and teach in.  One girl was even taking videos of the lessons and was thrilled to take pictures with the committee. The vocational committee will be going back on Monday to teach about business and tourism to more students at the community college.

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