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Parents: YOUR life-changing experience as told by a Youthlinc mom

Hi…I’m Donna Dewey. My daughter Morgan went to Thailand with Youthlinc and had a life changing experience. Yet, I recall what I was thinking last year at this time, when she was applying for the Youthlinc Service Year,and THIS is what I hoped some parent would have told me…

Youthlinc and its staff make that life changing experience possible for your son or daughter. They are THE most capable, reliable, and committed people you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing. I’ve witnessed them spinning on a dime, moving mountains and squeezing blood out of turnips. They are sound decision makers with actual experiences in the field. They are always present because they are devoted to guaranteeing results, and somewhere between when the sun comes up and the sun sets, they know how to celebrate and be grateful for each minute of the day.

You can trust that the Team Leaders and Mentors will be the people YOU would choose to accompany your child on this trip. Your son or daughter will be led in new ways…ways that are challenging, meaningful, and purposeful. These leaders will become have a lasting impact on how your child sees the world, and these leaders will be held in the highest regard because that regard has been earned.

You can trust in the process…for it is all by deliberate design. Youthlinc has worked out the intricacies every step of the way. The combination of local service, team meetings, sponsorship, being part of a group…all work in unison to culminate in the international trip, the fireworks at the end of the parade! Though it is a year’s worth of dedicated focus, time and energy, the celebration at the end is the acknowledgement that the process was successful in molding a person who seeks value to his or her life through service.

So, surrender to it all. The kids can do it. You can play a part in it too. Let it run it’s arduous course. For in the end, you’ll be left with your jaw dropped. It’s all quite extraordinary.

I’m Donna. My daughter went to Thailand with Youthlinc and I…have had a life changing experience.


Youthlinc is a Utah-based 501c-3 nonprofit dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians through local and international service. Learn more about our programs by visiting our website:

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