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Lenora and her son, Dakota– a Youthlinc participant


This past year, my son Dakota had the opportunity to be a part of Youthlinc. He was in high school, and had never been out of the country. Even though I myself had done many humanitarian trips to other countries in the past, sending my son without me was worrisome.

In fact, at first I was very nervous, but it didn’t take long to have peace of mind after talking to and getting to know the wonderful mentors and leaders on his team. I was so impressed at how organized the whole trip was and how much time and love they had put into it.

My son not only fell in love with the people of Guatemala, but also his group and mentors. They became family! Even before the kids left, they would have monthly meetings and get together, to know each other better before the trip.

But it was after seeing them at the airport when they returned with tearing rolling down their cheeks and hugging each other that I totally realized how close they had all become during this amazing humanitarian experience!

10H Comedor
Dakota on his Guatemala international trip

Their lives were changed, I know Dakota’s life was changed. He looks at things differently now. He appreciates what he has and he has acquired a new love for helping others and humanitarian work.

Even though we parents get nervous about sending our kids off to other countries, that’s natural. Just know that your child is in good and loving hands. And that he or she will have a life changing, wonderful experience while in the service of others.

Not only their lives are changed, but just think of how they touch the lives of those they serve through this Youthlinc opportunity! This is not a vacation, these kids work hard, but they also laugh and see a whole different culture and learn to love the people so much.

13 Soccer Game
Playing soccer with the students in Guatemala

I love Youthlinc, and I am so so grateful as a parent that my son had the privilege to serve in the jungle of Guatemala with Youthlinc.

If your son or daughter has the opportunity to be a part of Youthlinc and serve, you as parents will be blessed through their experience. Your heart will melt when you see with your own eyes how your child has grown and how they have been touched through this wonderful experience of serving others.

God Bless,
Lenora Barber

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