Melissa has had four years of office management experience.  She started off by managing the dorm for a local college.  She was responsible for things like accepting students into the housing, keep accounts balanced, sorting mail, and keeping in touch with all the students and their parents.  This office experience taught her how to run a successful business and the importance of proper record keeping. 
With this knowledge, Melissa has been able to open, run, and maintain her own successful business.  She has been doing eyelash extensions for a year with a steady and loyal clientele.  Melissa says that she loves making people feel good about themselves and this has been a very rewarding job for her, especially since she was able to build it from the ground up and watch it grow.  She is still currently doing eyelash extensions as well as working at Youthlinc. 
Melissa is very excited to join the Youthlinc team.  She has always had a strong desire to serve others and has been able to take a few international trips in accordance with local service.  She has volunteered with groups such as United Way, Utah Foster Care, local elementary schools, art festivals and music festivals.  Melissa traveled to both Mexico and Russia to help those living there.  In Mexico she was able to build three homes for families, fundraised money for groceries to feed a family of four for a month, and donate school supplies, clothes, shoes, and toys for the kids.  In Russia, Melissa taught English to students ranging in age from three to eleven years old.  She lived there for a semester and says that is one of the best experiences of her live.  Melissa is very excited to join the Youthlinc team and is looking forward to working with many more students.
Welcome to the Youthlinc Team!

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