There are a lot of areas in which Youthlinc excels, and one of them has always been our incredibly dedicated Board members. This past Saturday, at our Year End Board meeting, we accomplished a lot to point the Organization in the right direction for our ‘Lucky 13th’ year in operation.

In addition to all the financial oversight and strategic planning a Board must do, this meeting we also participated in a reflection exercise on the Organization, its mission and its meaning.

The responses of our Board to the questions posed, and the discussion that followed, was so meaningful, we thought to share some highlights with all our Youthlinc family.

We hope as you read these responses, you will be lifted up as we have been by the great heart, spirit, and vision of those who serve on our Board. Much thanks Board Chair David Baugh, Vice Chair Kathleen Dibble, Treasurer Val Petersen, Secretary Judy Zone, and our Officers: Steve Barth, Jason Collier, Scott Leckman, Derick Loyola, John Oglesby, Jody Osteyee, Kimber Parry, Paul Stringham, David Wintzer.

We want to give a special thanks to Sara Conger, who has served as our Board Treasurer and accountant for the past twelve years. It’s a point of fact that Youthlinc would not be what it is today without her guidance and hard work. We love you, Sara. Your influence on this Organization is a permanent gift.


Now, here are our Board members’ written responses to some thought provoking questions about the vision and inspiration of our Organization, and how we can express that meaning to others.

What is the vision of Youthlinc:

·       To create lifelong humanitarians through local and international service opportunities

·       To broaden our circle of friendships throughout the world through service

·       Empower youth with the experience of service and promoting leadership experience

·       Opportunity to touch the world and give back just a little

·       Expanding the vision of joy through service both locally and internationally

What inspires you about Youthlinc:

·       The transformation of individuals who participate in the Service Year—great young people add a depth to their commitment to service and gain a perspective that truly changes their lives.

·       The connection it builds with young people and the fire it lights in them to give back to the world.

·       The ability of the program to inspire and open the eyes of youth to the world of service.

·       The ability for a program to inspire people to recognize the value service can provide both the individual doing service and those in the community being served.

·       The impact on individuals lives when service enters their hearts.

What is your ‘elevator speech’ about Youthlinc:

·       Through doing local community service, young people earn a partial sponsorship of their expenses to do international service.  They find themselves, their responsibility to improve their world, and a true joy in service.  I am a part of it because I want to see more celebration of the good in the world, to harness the energy, optimism and commitment of young people to that end.

·       Taking young driven and motivated high school and college student and putting them in a position to better their local communities as well as make a change for a handful of people around the world…after all it is the students who are changed more than anyone.  It truly is a life impacting journey we instill in individuals.

·       The hook that really connected me was when my 16 year old daughter said “I used to think that my house was pretty mediocre.  Now I know that we live in a mansion.”  Because it is such a wonderful program that changes lives, a dollar donated to Youthlinc results in multiple hours of service.

·       Instilling humanitarian characteristics into youth that will carry through for a lifetime.

·       This is a program that will change your life in ways you would have never expected.

·       Youthlinc is an organization that changes people lives—the students and mentors who volunteer locally and internationally, the villagers in the country, the local organization that students volunteer at—all are forever changed for the better.

·       Youthlinc’s vision to share a passion for serving both locally and around the world especially with young people is something that makes me hopeful for creating a better world.  Our opportunity to share tears and lives beauty on multiple continents has changed my life.

·       It’s an amazing service opportunity at home and abroad where kids come back a totally changed person.  They realize what’s important in their lives and what they can individually do to improve the world.

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