Next Tuesday, October 20th, Youthlinc will be hosting our first ever Volunteer Management Seminar! As an expert in youth volunteerism, Youthlinc wants to help other agencies learn proven strategies to increase their volunteer power! As a result of attending, the attendees will become Silver Level Parters with Youthlinc and be highly promoted to our Youthlinc Service Year students–who each have to contribute 80 hours of local service.

Why a Youthlinc Volunteer Management Seminar?

The following agencies will be in attendance.

  1. Abram Sherrod, Big Brothers Big Sisters 
  2. Caitlin Christensen, Splore
  3. Charity Jessop, Utah Open Lands
  4. Darren Janes, Cascade Springs Home Health & Hospice
  5. Kirsten Schiel, Bad Dog Arts
  6. Heidi Macnaughton, National Ability Center
  7. Hillary Avery, Friday’s Kids Respite
  8. Jacquelynn Bradley, Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain
  9. Jessica Hercules, English Skills Learning Center
  10. Judy Zone, Youthlinc Executive Director 
  11. Justin Powell, Real Life
  12. Kristy King, Kostopulos Dream Foundation
  13. Kory Scadden, Elevation Hospice & Five-Star Home Care & Hospice
  14. Liz Grayston, Tennis & Tutoring
  15. Meg Young, Neighborhood House
  16. Theresa Dellomo, Playworks

 Our Volunteer Management Seminar agenda includes:

9-10 am

  1. What is Youthlinc?
  2. Why a Youthlinc volunteer management seminar?
  3. Introductions
  4. Review follow-along questions
  5. Gold, Silver, & Bronze partnership levels
  6. Local Service Directory tutorial

10-11 am

  1. Volunteer motivation
  2. What is your organization’s mission?

11-12 pm

  1. Ways to tap into new volunteer audiences
  2. Developing new volunteer opportunities
  3. Write a volunteer position description

12-12:20 pm Lunch!

12:20-1 pm

  1. Volunteers: Recruit, Place, & Retain the Best article
  2. Recruiting volunteers
  3. Training volunteers

1-2 pm

  1. How to create a sense of connection
  2. Volunteer recognition
  3. How to deal with difficult volunteers

2-3 pm

  1. Volunteer program evaluation
  2. Business card swap

If you agency would like to attend our Volunteer Management Seminar email Jerika at by Monday, October 19th!