Every year, our Youthlinc Teams select one person from their team that encapsulates Tanner Nelsonhumanitarianism in action.  We are proud to announce this year’s amazing MVPs, and want to congratulate them for their contributions, and inspiration!

Peru:  Tanner Nelson

“Tanner was chosen to be the Peru Team’s MVP because he is a team player, utilized his excellent communication skills, and served in multiple capacities for the team.  He gave 100% effort to any task that was assigned to him.  He would also volunteer to pick up additional tasks and would make sure that things would “happen.”  Tanner is a happy, cooperative and energetic person”Jordan Taylor

Kenya:  Jordan Taylor

“Kutoa is the Swahili work for giving. This is a word that best describes our MVP. Jordan embodied this word; she gave her time, her effort, her smile and most of all her love, to the team and the community of Kajuki. Jordan truly embraced her experience in Kenya. She took the lead in learning the language and communicating with those around her. She tirelessly scheduled our teaching rotations, supported the local craftspeople and even worked in the kitchen with our cooks! Even in the face of illness, Jordan working with an infectious grin at all times and motivated us all to be positive and to give our best. She is an incredible mode for us all to emulate. Asantasana Jordan!”Alyssa Clark

Vietnam:Alyssa Clark

“Alyssa was fearless in her preparations for this trip. If our team had a need, she was eager to take it on. She was excellent at coordinating a variety of projects locally to meet the needs of our international site. She wasn’t confined to only her committee’s goals but worked to help with a variety of committee’s needs. Alyssa went above and beyond and exceeded all expectations in preparing for the international projects.”

Guatemala:  Amanda Phillips

“Amanda exemplifies all that Youthlinc is about.  She is someone who lives to serve.  Amanda has had the chance to serve in a couple of countries, but she also servesAmandaPhillips2 refugees from around the world at Hser Ner Moo.  So truly, her reach and impact are global!  Each month as we planned our trip and tallied our local service hours, we were amazed by the service that Amanda so lovingly gave.  Amanda donated nearly four times the number of required hours.  Why?  Because she never sees anyone as a project or a requirement or even someone to help, but simply a human being with experience to share.  Amanda lives service, but service lives in her.  Her life is richer from the experiences she has gained from serving across the globe.  She is a lifetime humanitarian and our MVP!!”

Cambodia:  Ashlyn Perrero

Ashlyn Perrero

“Ashlyn had an immensely difficult event happen in her life at the beginning of the Youthlinc Service Year and had to decide to whether or not to continue with Youthlinc.  It would have been very understandable for her to make the decision to go another year but she decided to stay with the group and travel to Cambodia.  During the year, she was so positive, always smiling and quietly working her heart out from the minute we got there until it was time to leave.  Despite all the heartbreak she was experiencing, she was an amazing example for the entire team of true service and did everything without telling anyone what she was going through.  We are so appreciative of Ashlyn and what she has taught us about being a humanitarian.”

Friends & Family Vietnam:  Colton Roueche

Colton Roueche

“Colton was highly instrumental in building relationships with a variety of people in Vietnam. He won the trust of the construction crews, infused the relationship with our translators with fun, and was the first to befriend Mr. Dang, a local government coordinator, who ended up becoming Youthlinc’s greatest advocate for success this year.  We would not have been nearly as successful with our projects if not for Colton. There were many key players on the team this year, and Colton was among the kindest, most resilient, and positive.  We can’t thank Colton enough for all he did for the team, and the relationships he helped mend globally.”

THAILAND 2013:  Itzak LeflerZDCoOtn7HzaXZBGZjY0jH8hWhjqi53ufhMmVGujgzhw

“Itzak was a fantastic asset to the team.  He was dependable, had an amazingly positive attitude, and always looked for ways to help others.  Itzak connected powerfully with the Moken community, and through his example, helped others connect too.  Itzak was the first to volunteer to help others, on projects big or small.  And many times, he would help others without anyone knowing. Even the Moken people and leaders recognized Itzak as being an outstanding individual.  He exudes humanitarianism, and put his whole soul into this experience.  We are happy to give Itzak the honor of MVP.

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