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Only 4 More Days Till Our Arrival In KENYA!!

Well, it’s almost here! The time has flown by so extremely fast, but all of our hard work and preparing for this trip is ready to take into action. Each of our committees have been working very hard in trying to gather and fundraise supplies.
The Education Committee held a yard sale in June and made over $550 in doing so. They have also gathered loads of school supplies and have planned and prepared multiple school lessons.
The Construction Committee had a yard sale and car wash to help fundraise for their supplies and made over $1100. Great work you guys!
The Medical Committee has gone far and beyond in fundraising. They have gathered endless amounts of supplies and they continue to gather more and more everyday. As a whole team we have over 250 feminine hygiene kits and over 100 hygiene kits, hundreds of toothbrushes, toothpaste and lots more.
The Cultural Committee has been gathering jump ropes, nail polish, face paints, and bubblegum for the african kids. They have also planned for lots of fun games and events as well as preparing for the closing ceremony which will take place. They have a dance that involves the whole team! A big shout out and thanks to Madeline, Erica and Callie for teaching us how to take out our dancing shoes and created the whole dance together. The closing ceremonies will be great and I am sure everyone will have so much fun!
Everyone has completed their service hours, and we ended up with a total of 3,418 hours! Great work everyone! We have made a huge impact and difference in so many lives and will only continue to do so. We all have been working and communicating so hard to construct and put everything together. It’s finally almost here!!!
We have one last meeting this Friday, July 13th @ 6:00 pm, where we will be packing and getting the last minute items before takeoff!



Youthlinc is a Utah-based 501c-3 nonprofit dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians through local and international service. Learn more about our programs by visiting our website:

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