Real Life has officially begun! This year we are serving 11 different sites with our life-skills after-school programming curriculum. We have traditionally served from November to May, but we have expanded programming at Cottonwood and West High Schools! These sites started at the beginning of October. Here is a highlight from our two interns at Cottonwood:
“Beginning new things anywhere is difficult. There are so many unexpected challenges and hiccups that accompany being in a new place with new faces. But none of those things can overshadow the beauty either. Real Life at Cottonwood High School has grown every week. Not only are students coming back, but they are also bringing their friends. It is so fun and exciting to watch the students have fun with each new activity. They problem solve and learn from mistakes when things go wrong. Our favorite activity so far was the STEM egg drop. Students were asked to create contraptions that would prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a high height. While it wasn’t an easy task for the students to work as a team, they had so much fun and learned to work together in ways they probably had never done before. We are really looking forward to gaining even more momentum and continuing to grow and work through problems. It has been such a fun first few weeks!” –¬†Michelle Moynihan & Mecham Groneman
The Cottonwood and West High School students also made some Halloween goodie bags for a service project. They will be giving 100 bags to Hser Ner Moo, 70 to Moss Elementary and 140 to Woodrow Wilson Elementary!